Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Sunday Funny For You

I've never claimed to have strong geography skills, and in fact often tell how in third grade I cheated on a test about the states and their capitals, because I didn't know them myself. I failed abysmally and decided never to cheat again. Been trying to learn them ever since...

So this morning at church, I was telling my friend, Jamie, who's from CA about my Bloggie friends who went to a craft weekend in Kansas (JEALOUS!). I was explaining how these friends are from the San Mateo area of CA and asked her if she was familiar with that city or area. Jamie said no and I got confused. I've often heard or read of that area, and was rather surprised that a girl who was born and raised in Cali hadn't heard of it.

I pulled out my phone and did a google map search. I showed it to her and she said, "Oh! San Mateo! Yes, I know where that is!"

Except... Then she lost me! I, being born and raised in the South, was pronouncing it as "San Maddie-o" and Jamie pronounced it "San Ma-tay-o!" I was so surprised to find I've been mispronouncing it all these years! No wonder no one's ever known where I'm talking about! In fact, I'm still having a hard time wrapping my brain around this!

I immediately turned to my sweet hubby who knew right away the correct way to say it-- why'd you never tell me?! :-P Even my even-more-Southern-than-me friend, Jody, knew the correct pronunciation! What the what?!

My hubby, when we were dating early on, corrected me about 'Sal-mon' and 'Ambu-lance' but not this one?! (Yes, Kellie Pickler was ignorant, not stupid. We really do/did speak like that.)

All I can say is now I know, Bloggie Friends from there, and once I can wrap my head around it, I'll say it right from now on! ;-)

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{cuppakim} said...

you are hilarious. that is funny that the whole time you were pronouncing it different. ;)

sometimes when we get real gangster we call it "maddie-OH" ;) so you can just say your were being gangster like that. ;)