Friday, January 06, 2012

What I'm Loving!

Today I thought I'd share with you two products I am totally crushing on right now. I got them from my wonderful hubby for Christmas, and I am in L.U.V!

I have dry hands all the time, not just in winter. But especially in cold weather. Dry, cracked, bleeding knuckles are not cute. Ever. But especially on me. I hate photos of my hands so you'll rarely, if ever, see any, but these products make me rethink that.

Here we go...

First you use this on wet hands for one minute...

It's so amazing! Then after the minute's up, you just rinse it off. Easy peasy.

After that, I slather this on all over...

Then I put on my little cotton gloves so I can still use my hands and off we go to the land of silky smooth, pretty, babylike (but not in a creepy way) hands!

Amazing, I know! You can totally trust me too. I'm extremely picky about lotions and scrubs and stuff. Has to be worth my time and all that.

Here's the lotion I keep in my purse for whenever. It's amazing too and smells like cupcakes. I heart this too!

So basically, yes, I need to own stock in Bath & Body Works.

On a similar vein, my first BirchBox arrives next week and I'm counting down the days!

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Jan said...

Great review! I'm in the same boat. I've been sick lately, so I'm washing my hands more excessively than normal. They look awful and are sometimes in pain from being so dry. I know how picky you are about lotions (as am I), but since we have the same brain and all, I'm taking your word for it and placing an order on B&BW right now. :) Thanks! As for the Birch Box...I can't wait to hear about it. I almost signed up for it, but who am I kidding...I don't have time to use that awesome stuff on a normal basis, nor know how to, so I'll leave it to the professionals (like you) to try it and review it. :)