Monday, February 06, 2012

Terrible Pet Parents, Exhibit A

Last Friday Scout got to go to Doggy DayCamp. We had a coupon for a free day and thought we'd try it out. I felt like a parent dropping their kid off for the first day of kindergarten.

Basically, the premise is that you sign your dog in, they play for 3 hours, get a one-hour rest/lunch break, then play for four more hours straight. Lots of playtime, in theory. Then they come home super happy and exhausted (which, when translated, means obedient and sweet).

Well the first issue for us is that though Scout has been around dogs before (puppy school- TWICE, dog parks, etc.), she's really more of a cat person. Yep, I did just say that. Funny, but very, very true. Scout loves to play with her cat cousins, her boyfriend is a cat, she thinks she's a cat, and on and on it goes...

Secondly, there were WAY too many dogs in the one confined area for Scout to handle. There had to be more than twenty dogs in there at a time. It was nuts. Scout always starts out shy and then once she's comfortable she'll start playing and have a blast.

Well, she could see me through the glass... I had to watch from far down the aisle at PetsMart and then finally Hubby had to walk me out of the store (I was on the phone with him because I couldn't leave her). See that lady in the photo? She stood in front of me so Scout couldn't see me, and she told me play-by-plays of what Scout was doing. SUPER UBER sweet lady who understood me. Can you see poor little baby girl plastered to the glass window avoiding the crazy drama? Yep, that's pretty much what she did ALL DAY LONG. I even have video of her climbing the glass wall begging me to come back for her (Break my heart, why don't ya?).

[Side note: If anyone can tell me how to get iPhone videos to work with Blogger, I'd be eternally grateful. They upload but once they're part of the post, I get error messages and they won't play.]

I even called about noon to see if she had calmed down and was playing yet. Nope, still plastered to the employees or against the wall, taking in the crazy. When I went to pick her up at 4 (seven hours later), ALL the dogs were on one side of the room playing and where was Scout? On the complete opposite side laying down against the wall. Such a diva.

Here she is on the way home from daycamp...

She was super tired but not happy. In fact, just like the cat she thinks she is, when I picked her up (I was so relieved to have her home!) she would not look at me or give kisses and snuggles. She still might be mad at me, but it's hard to say since we weren't home with her much this weekend. Pretty much, we felt like awful pet parents and probably won't do it again, at least not in the same way. I think she'd enjoy daycamp if there weren't so many dogs. I think five or six at the max is more her style. Less doggy drama and all that.

Speaking of the weekend... last night was the Super Bowl! I love this time of year because I get to eat crazy amounts of junk food (or have in the past), pretend I watch sports, and have an excuse to watch lots of tv. By lots of tv, I mean we watch the Puppy Bowl first, and then the Super Bowl.

Scout LOVES the Puppy Bowl! She's seen it every year since she's been born (which means the last three years). She gets all mesmerized and tunes us out (made easier since she was mad at us).

This was Scout watching her Bowl game. As you can see, she would not share the remote. Mama fell asleep but Scout stayed awake. She was not a fan of that Fumbles puppy. She did like the pig cheerleaders though.

Last year during the Super Bowl, CC was flying to Denver for a work trip and missed it all (we were pitiful and stayed home and watched it alone). This year, we got invited to a PARTY! We went until after Madonna's half-time show (which I swore I wouldn't watch as if that would make a difference to Miss M, but I totally watched it after all).

Some of our very dear friends were at the party so pretty much I missed the entire first half because my back was to the tv the entire time. Missed all the commercials and the game. (I like to watch both, if the game is good.) We had SO much fun! CC had been dealing with a horrible migraine all weekend so after Madonna did NOT have a malfunction (yay!), we went home and watched the rest of the game/commercials. Overall, a very fun time.

However, this totally made it even better...

By special request only, do I make Pretzel Crack, as I call it. Unfortunately, it was special requested out the wazoo for the party. In less than two hours, it was gone except for about two pieces I managed to steal away and take home with me. I must say, BEST batch yet! Always before, I cooked the caramel for a longer amount of time, getting it to a more toffee-like consistency. This time, I only let it cook for about seven minutes, which left it more of a buttery caramel taste. SOOOO much better (to me, at least)! Hubby likes toffee but I don't, so I was much happier this time around.

All that to say, please do not special request this anymore. I really can make other things. Healthier, not so addictive crack-like things. This really is bad for my health. Jillian would kill me for eating this. But it's SOOOO very worth the evil she's been putting me through!


{cuppakim} said...

oh my gosh. i feel sad for scout just reading that post! i can't imagine how you felt! :(

mylie used to love doggy interactions more, but a few bad experiences at the doggy park, and she has become way more clingy to humans than she used to be. which leads her to end up feeling cornered, and then feisty if she gets approached. its kind of a mess. i'd be nervous taking her to doggy day camp just because of that!

i feel like i'd have to protect her. YIKES.

i wish i had given her a little more doggy exposure - she likes chill, relaxed, independent doggy buds. (like her buddy chloe!)
love that scout was exhausted after the day at doggy day care though - i bet she was on alert the WHOLE TIME, and didn't get any good naps in hhaha.

and that stupid pretzel crack. it is the freaking end of me.
i could eat the entire batch.
i know i could.

and i love that scout watched the puppy bowl. mylie does not even see anything on the TV. hahaha. out the front door yes, tv, no.

Anonymous said...

Nothing can replace Grandmother Camp!

Jody said...

Pretzel Crack- yum. I'm sorry, I should feel bad for Scout but I am lost dreaming of pretzel crack.