Saturday, February 11, 2012

Things I Used To Hate (Or... I Never In A Million Years Thought I'd Get Sucked In)

CC had a fabulous idea for a list, so here we go...

Things I Hated & Never Thought I'd Like:
  • Facebook/Social Media- I knew it'd suck up all my time and I didn't want that. Hubby got tired of my using his account to spy, err I mean keep up with people, so he signed me up for an account against my wishes. So glad NOW that he did that!
  • Texting- I hate it. I still do. Especially with my friends who ONLY like to text entire long conversations. I am not into that. But a quick convo needing an immediate response? Oh yeah!
  • Coffee- When I worked at Starbucks and got it for free, I hated it. Now that I have to pay tons of $$, me loveeee and I am obsessed. I only like it super sweet and creamy, so it takes a lot to doctor up my actual coffee. The mocha at Starbucks is perfect. I can order it as is, and don't have to do anything to it. Yummy!
  • Being a Girly Girl- My mom's definition of femininity growing up was lots of pink, lots of ruffles, and lots of lace. She would never go out without sleeping in curlers and putting on her make-up. I rebelled against the Pollyanna bows in my hair and now I don't know anything. Playing catch-up and finding my own way is way more difficult sometimes, but I'm loving that I can have my own style without looking quite so flouncy.

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Jan said...

I love your list and how you embrace each of your "use-to-be" hates. :) I also love that you're finding your own way of being a girly girl (done Susan style). You're going to have to rub some of that off on me. :)