Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What's On My Mind

The hubster let me know this morning that I was woefully behind in updating this here bloggie. I didn't realize I'd put a time frame in the post about my return, but apparently he's not yet sick of me and wants an update. So here we go!

Basically to catch you up to date, things have been CRAZY busy for the past month especially, at work. We've spent the month of March launching two new venues on Sunday mornings, and gearing up for Good Friday and Easter services. To put this in perspective, I turned in my timesheet this past week, and I've worked an entirely extra week in the month of March! On top of the regular work month. Craziness, I told ya.

So to that end, when I've been off, I've been recovering, keeping up (or trying to) with stocking clean clothes, awaiting the Hunger Games movie, and a few other key relaxation techniques like the ones below:

Stalking people, er friends, is what I do best. Be warned- if I think you're uber cool, you will be stalked. Just sayin'.

Creepster bunny is going down. I refuse to tell you how many creepster bunnies had to die before this photo was taken. Let's just say the chocolate companies are doing very well this year.

Miss Diva KNOWS that she is only allowed ON the bed, not IN the bed. Rebellion has been getting the best of her- she tried FIVE times yesterday to snuggle up under the pillow (so she wouldn't get busted) and under the blankets. Rulebreaker. She might have gotten mixed signals though when I kept taking her photo and laughing about it. She finally pouted ON the bed later. Then proceeded to try again this morning. Gotta put the beatdown on her, I suppose. (For you PETA lovers, I'm just kidding.)

So that's what's been going on over here. Hopefully even though Easter's coming, I won't go MIA again for a while.


Chris said...

Yay!! I love bloggie posts!!

{cuppakim} said...

holler! welcome back to blogging - even for a min.
you have most definitely been busy!
at least we have instagram right?

Jamie said...

Yay!! I got a shout out on your blog! Also I'm pretty sure you called me uber cool! Love it!! It's a very mutual feeling! Love ya!!