Monday, April 09, 2012

Exhaustion- in a good way

It's been some crazy weeks lately, as I've previously mentioned.

This past weekend we held Good Friday and Easter services, which were just lovely. A lot of work, but these services are always some of my faves that we do.

After services yesterday, CC and I had a potluck picnic at the park for lunch (instead of cramming folks into our apartment- last year we had 23!). We had about 35 at the park yesterday and it was such a blast! We did an Easter egg hunt for the little kids and an adult hunt too! So awesome!

Today, and because I needed to recover, was our day off. I was quite productive, making Hannah's banana bread muffins (yum!), reorganizing our pantry, and making the PDub's Fried Mozzarella sticks for lunch. A delicious day for sure!

I also took a short nap and watched tv and read magazines. Mostly I did NOT do laundry or clean

It was a fantastic day and it went by way too quickly!


{cuppakim} said...

yummmmmm. i want to come over when you cook.
banana nut muffins AND homemade mozzarella sticks? YES PLEASE :)

Jan said...

You can't just post pictures and talk about food and not include the links to the recipes. Please do share. :) Looks amazing! So glad you had a day off.