Thursday, April 19, 2012


One of my dear no-blog friends is about to have a baby. Like in less than two weeks. Crazyness! It's her first and no, we don't know yet what she's having (how do people DO that?!), other than a human. :-D

She's awesome and very laid-back, but at her baby shower a month ago, her other friend Danielle, and I hit it off and became sudden stalkers of each other. The three of us got together the other night for dinner and girl talk, which was sooooo fun!

There's a newish area in town that's very French-like with lots of restaurants and shops and such. The Village Grill has amazing food, and then Jubala is across the courtyard.

Jubala is this newly discovered (by me anyway) coffee shop that is just amazing and fantastic and full of magic coffee goodness. Also they're super nice! If you're local, you should check it out. They have lots of reclaimed wood and butcher block tables with butcher paper and crayons for kids (ahem, me) to color on. Jubala is where I was shown the Draw Something app- so of course, the world is awesome when you're there!

Here's the mocha I got the first time I went...

Yes, real dishes, not paper cups. Love! Also, they sell weird waffles. They have extra crunchy sugar crystals on the outsides, and no syrup or anything. I'm willing to give them another go, but we weren't' impressed with that one teensy part.

Here's what I got the other day with Krista and Danielle...

They'd never been before and LOVEd it! Woohoo- converts!

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