Monday, April 30, 2012

Shameless Schnoodle Promoting!

The cuteness that is my furbaby, Scoutaki Mushroom, turns THREE today! Some days it's hard to believe she's already three and some days it feels more like she's really 21! In honor of her birthday, I warn you now, this whole post is about Scouty.

CC and I never wanted pets ever. God showed us! I don't know how we entertained ourselves before Scouty came into our lives, and we love her so much!

Tonight we'll give her her 'presents.' We got her a new ball for our game of keep-away fetch we play with her daily, and she'll get a new deer antler. I wanted to make her a little dog birthday cupcake, but Hubby said no. He's not being mean; her tummy is SUPER sensitive to anything outside of her norm.

I imagine we'll play an extra- long game with Scout tonight and take her for a long walk. Her perfect day!

Here are a few puppy pics from her early days...

This first one is the image we were sent by the breeder, so this is the very first photo of Scout we have. Of course, we were sold!

Here she is the first week she was with us. She looks terrified but we were obsessed with playing with her. She loved her little monster toy... so much so, she ended up eating it. Good times!

I just love this photo. We went back and forth on whether or not to dock her ears (since though she's Schnoodle-goodness, she looks like a Schnauzer). Her giant ears have always been such a big part of her personality, that to this day, I'm so glad we didn't!

Such an adorable puppy! Only 3.2 lbs. when we got her! Now she's four times that much!

Happy birthday, sweet girl!


{cuppakim} said...

happy birthday scout!!! what a cutie.
and she is only 12 pounds now?
mylie needs to lose a few ;)

Jan said...

Happy Birthday Scout! Sounds like you had the perfect day! :)