Thursday, May 24, 2012

Coming Up!

I'm REALLY excited about today and the next few days! Here's why...

Today we have staff Chapel which is when the entire church staff comes together (once a month) for devotion, prayer, food, and fellowship. A lot of laughter is always involved too. Each month a different department is responsible for the agenda, and today it's our turn (the worship arts department)! I love Chapel. We're always so busy Doing, that to just sit and enjoy each other is uncommon.

In that vein, today during Chapel we'll obviously have musical worship (yay!) but something's been on my heart for a long time now that I feel the need to share and haven't been able to. Today presents the perfect opportunity and I'm going to do it. To know me means you realize this is a big deal for me. I DO NOT like lots of people looking at me and I especially do NOT like public speaking. In a good way, not all the staff will be present, but I'll still be speaking to a room of about 35-40 people. I'm turning red just thinking about it. So feel free to be praying for me, please.

What's been on my heart is that on the bad days, the boring days, the overwhelming days, the weak days when satan's just nitpicking at you the entire day... you work for the Lord. He sees you, He loves you, He cares about you, and He'll get you through the weak moments. As Paul says, "Press on..." Just keep going. Or if you're a Nemo fan, just keep swimming! Besides this though, your colleagues see your behind the scenes work. You may not realize the impact you and your role have, but it's extremely important to the life and success of the church, and YOU are valued.

So that's been on my heart. I hope you hear it and apply it to your workplace also. I really think it's a message straight from the Lord for us right now.

So that's this morning. Tonight we're FINALLY seeing our dear friends, Lyn and Catherine. We adore them and they've been very Godly mentors to me since we met in my college days. They have big birthdays close together this month, so we're celebrating tonight. I can't wait! Love them!

In case you aren't yet aware, tomorrow is CC's and my ten-year wedding anniversary (we got married a week after I graduated NCSU)! woohoo! He took the day off from work (I get most Fridays off since I work Sundays), and we're going to Charlotte for a little shopping trip!

We'll be hitting up IKEA, Hobby Lobby (eek!), the outlets, and of course, the Lego store. More importantly, we'll be together for two solid days with no one else and no responsibilities. Yippee!!!

I just hope I remember to take photos so I can share with you when we get back! That's my biggest problem is that I forget to take pics of whatever totally fun thing we're doing. Sigh. I'm getting better though.


Jan said...

What a great message! I was just going through a pile of books to pack and came across a Max Lucado book (my favorite one) titled, "When Christ Comes". There is a chapter in there that talks about when you go to heaven. A what-if scenario plays you walk through the pearly gates, Jesus meets you and introduces you to some people you know and some you don't. All have been lives you've touched in one way or another (whether knowing it or not) and all are in heaven because of you. Because you chose to live a Christ filled life and show that to others (who are sometimes unbeknownst watching), they come to know Christ. I love thinking about that and it helps me keep my attitude in check (especially out in public).

Happy Anniversary tomorrow! Have a wonderful weekend away. It sounds like a blast!

Laurie J said...

happy anniversary!! <3 this chapel day sounds incredible. what is your position at your church? i just prayed for your talk......was i too late? :)