Thursday, May 03, 2012

May PinterTest Kitchen!

As you all know by now, I am woefully behind with posting and especially with Jessica's PinterTest Kitchen. Woefully behind. As much as I love it, the past few months have been INSANEly busy. No excuse, so here goes.

To catch up, I'm only posting my most recent PinterTest, which was to make these yogurt drops. I grew up on yogurt and now I can't stand the texture of it. Too much gag reflex happens with yogurt for it to be worth it to me. Hubby also does not like the texture, much less the tangy taste of yogurt. But every once in a while, I try yogurt again-- it's uber healthy and good for you. Sigh. Yet I hate it.

A lot of folks interested in this pin have already done this, but I hadn't yet. The reason I especially was interested in this one is because multiple folks have said they don't like yogurt, but they like these! I wanted to make these to see if my yogurt-hating hubby would maybe actually like them.

Well the unfortunate thing is he hasn't tried them yet, but I will say they're extremely easy and quick to make. All you do is choose the flavor yogurt you want (I'd heard the Key Lime Pie was a winner.), put it in a ziploc, snip off the corner, and go to town on some parchment before freezing the whole thing for an hour. Easy peasy. Done. You don't even have to turn on the oven! (Which I appreciate now that it's 93 degrees outside. On May 03. Sigh.)

I chose Strawberry for my drops, and Orange Creme for his (thinking that would be more enticing to CC). I tried them both and here's my verdict: They definitely make yogurt easier to swallow (literally), but they still tasted like yogurt once they melted in my mouth. I still hope CC will try them, but I'm not thinking we've found a solution yet.

In the meantime, I can only promise to do better updating ol' bloggie here and  keeping you apprised of ALL my PinterTesting!

Linking up with Jessica for this month's PinterTest Kitchen...
The flavors (no clue if Yoplait's any good, but it was there)

The before (sorry, I didn't get an after)


{cuppakim} said...


i used to eat yogurt as a kid.
then i had that whole gag reflex and i could NOT eat it.

now i live on the stuff.
two yogurts a day. every day.

not really cause i'm obsessed, but b/c you are right, it is so healthy!

Jessica Johnson said...

you need to add some cool whip to those bad boys, pre freezing. to at least make it fun. and busy life > busy blog, any day of the week. love you, susan hopper!

Cinders said...

i've seen a couple people make this lately. glad it gets the pinter-test kitchen stamp of approval!

excited tot ry!

Unknown said...

I'm excited to try these! Lucky for me, I like the taste of yogurt...but I understand not liking the texture of something, I hate many foods for that same reason.