Saturday, May 19, 2012

Trust And Needs Vs. Wants

So here's what God's been showing me this week...

Throughout my childhood there were many opportunities where the Lord provided for our needs over and over and over again. We grew up in poverty and it was proven repeatedly that the promise God made to provide our needs was for real. Every time we thought we wouldn't have a roof, or food, or clothes, Jesus made a way and we had what we needed. Because of this, the one thing I know is that God will provide what I need. I trust Him completely for my needs, no questions asked.

What I've realized this week and have been totally convicted of, is that I struggle to trust the Lord to provide my wants. The Bible says He'll give us the desires of our hearts (Psalm 37:4), but I have a hard time with believing this promise.

What if what I want and desire is not within God's will for my life? Does that mean I won't get the desire of my heart? Does it mean He'll change my heart so I desire something different?

What are your thoughts? How has this worked in your life?

God has always provided needs and yes, we are blessed far beyond anything I ever imagined, but what about the desires of your heart?

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