Monday, May 21, 2012

What A Weekend!

This weekend started out kind of fun and crazy, and those were the perfect words to describe the entire couple of days! We had a blast!

Mom and Dad are still with us through tomorrow afternoon, and that in and of itself has made for a great time. Friday Mom and I went to get pedicures (LOVE!) and I must say I'm digging the (unknown) color on my tootsies.

So about two weeks ago, Mom and Dad made it VERY CLEAR they wanted two on two time with us early Saturday morning amidst the crazy visit. CC doesn't really do mornings or breakfast, for that matter. But he made an effort and we drove far away to eat at the Golden Frying Pan (or Cracker Barrel, as you may know of it).

Boy were we surprised! Betsy and Carly were there, which we didn't comprehend, then we saw Brad and Susan, and finally Lynn! Mom & Dad and Lynn had been cooking up (for over a month!) a surprise ten-year anniversary party for CC and me! Well it was a huge surprise and we loved it! Mom even had a perfect replica of our groom's cake from ten years ago! Same caterer and everything. Crazy clever! Chocolate cake was a bit much for 9am but it tasted so good! It was a blast and we felt VERY loved.

In reality, our actual anniversary is this upcoming Friday, but I'll blog about that later...

I blame Julie! She made me do it!

Especially in the hot weather and humidity, iced coffee amazingness is where it's at! In a mason jar that can go anywhere?! Oh yes, I'm so there! Google Cuppow and you won't be disappointed. Mine are on their way to my grubby little paws right this minute!

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