Monday, May 07, 2012

What The What?!

I saw this little orange beauty pop on yesterday on the way to church. Hubby and I immediately turned around, went home, and went back to church in his car. (I'm getting lots of feedback that most folks just keep on driving when that light comes on-- seems like that would do more damage to me, but this seems to be the shocking part of the tale to folks.)

Anyway, we took my beloved-not-made-anymore-so-praying-it's-not-really-dead car in to the shop to find out what was causing the light to come on. "A couple" hours later (dear mr. mechanic man, six hours does NOT equal a couple, but I digress.), Hubby gets The Call.

Apparently, there are things which can trigger the engine light to come on, things that mean "nothing's actually wrong, but because your car's so old, we think you need a warning that you need to be saving your money for when major expensive things on this car die" kind of things.

The good news is nothing's actually wrong with the car. YET. The bad news is that it seems like a matter of time. Oh, and apparently my car had quite a few recalls we weren't aware of (WHAT?!), so the parts have been ordered to take care of those. (So what does that mean? I might die while the parts are being shipped?!)

I didn't know your engine light could be triggered by just the possibility of a catastrophe, but apparently it can. Now we've all learned something today.

Praise the Lord that nothing's truly wrong, and we were able to take Malachi (my car, named after Malachi 3) to get checked out right away!

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