Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Back In Action!

Well, our two-week 'retirement' ended with this past Sunday and back to work we went. I honestly think we were so burned out we could've used an extra week, but I was very ready to get back to work to get everything organized and back to normal!

We ended up staycating for most of our vacation, which last time didn't work so well. This time, it was WONDERFUL! We each had a project going so that was super helpful (Lego organizing, storing, and displaying for CC; a new quilt- the biggest yet that I've made- for me).

Unfortunately, all of my phone pictures are facing the wrong way and stupid Blogger won't show them the right way even though I've saved them that way. So just boring text will have to suffice for now. Mucho lo siento.

We played mini-golf (I totally won! By two, but still, I won!), we read books and magazines, we I had LOTS of Starbucks, a blueberry cobbler happened in all its delicious glory, my FIRST official gray hair was allegedly discovered (sorry, no pictures to prove it... that I'm willing to share), and just lots of fun and togetherness with my best friend.

The second week we went to Myrtle Beach to read more and actually vacate. CC and I have been seriously craving the ocean forever, and unfortunately for us, the vacation dates we chose were the worst (most expensive and most crowded) for beach-going. However, we found a deal and headed south!

The 'resort' was a let-down. A big let-down. We didn't like the actual hotel, but the amenities and super-friendly employees almost made up for it. The hotel room itself was pretty dated, and very closed in, not open at all. The most bizarre floorplan I've ever seen, for sure (separate bedroom/tiny bathroom/galley kitchen/then living room near the balcony-- very skinny everywhere and too many doors!). It was nice in that they upgraded us (somehow, not sure what happened there) to an ocean front room, which we greatly appreciated. The only problem is if you sat down on the balcony, the railing blocked your view (especially for shorties like me!).

However, the amenities were great! Like I said, super friendly staff, ocean-front room, a good restaurant in the hotel, AND my favorite part of all.... a Starbucks INSIDE the hotel! When Hubby told me that, I didn't care what the hotel was like!

I will admit I became a regular there in that Starbucks VERY quickly. I kept getting free drinks too because my receipts kept printing off the customer survey! I think I got three free drinks during the four days we were there! Also, major props to the employees there too-- best and most consistent drinks ever! Yum!

We did find out we're not week-long beach people-- we're three-day beach people. Our reservation was until Thursday, but by Tuesday night we were ready to go home (we got there Sunday afternoon). A lot of this, I think, had to do with not liking the actual room we were in, but still... We tried to check out early Wednesday morning but they were going to charge us anyway, so we stayed and went home Wednesday night after a leisurely day. Much better that way, I think. Then we got to be home all day Thursday with no set plans- bliss!

We worked more on our projects, went to a movie, and generally enjoyed each other's company. Very hard to go back to work without CC there, like he'd been by my side every moment of the past two weeks.

Oh! And you'd be proud of me-- I'm still running, vacation didn't deter that. In fact, my 5k is this Saturday. In the 100 degree heat. Not happy about that. If I live, I'll tell you how it goes. Hopefully my pictures will come out alright!

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Jan said...

Sorry to hear that your vacation has come to an end. It's never long enough. :)

Sounds like you had an amazing time together and away from work. Long overdue!

Sorry your hotel wasn't up to par, but yay for a Starbucks inside, consistent drinks and great staff, not to mention and oceanfront room. WooHoo!