Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Few Minutes Of Your Time

Hi friends!

Today I'm asking you to visit Hannah's blog and read Kim's guest post. I promise it won't take you long to read it, but your heart might be softened and God might ask something of you. I only ask you to read the post and be open to what God wants you to hear. I am inspired to help and beyond that, to continue to pray.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Choosing To Focus On The Right Thing

Last week at my all-time fave, Target, I found a super cute tshirt for $6. Yes, SIX DOLLARS. This girl loves a bargain! I got it washed and waited until today to wear it to best maximize usage and cuteness factors on its first day in public.

Pinterest Source
Well it's now later in the afternoon and I have just discovered a hole in the tshirt I've been rockin' ALL. DAY. LONG. (Did I mention I work with boys? Everywhere I turn- boys. Boys don't understand like girls do.) Because who doesn't rock holyness unintentionally? Sigh. Story of my life. Guess I'll be back at Target later this week (that's not actually a bad thing!).

So to that end, I've decided to make a list of great and awesome blessings and cool things happening to make me feel better about the cute that isn't so cute anymore. Here we go!
  1. Camp Adventure (VBS) had over 400 kids last week. And they're not here this week. ;-)
  2. If I can just exchange this shirt for a nonholy one, I'll be set. It really is a cute shirt!
  3. My hair angel, Melissa, used THE BEST hair smoother (it's called that) on me on Saturday. After a botched job on Monday, I finally figured out how to work it. Also, praise Jesus she takes the BEST model-esque pics of me! Otherwise, I'd have no new profile pics on facebook EVER.

 4. Starbucks mochas. Manna from Heaven.
5. My sweet (HAWT!) hubby that makes me laugh all the time. And understands why I wouldn't go see Batman with him.
6. Running- because I'm crazy.
7. Pinterest- so helpful for craftiness of the prankster variety (not that I'd know ANYTHING about that)
8. Friends to catch up with on Friday- Can't wait! (Ps- Your blog is woefully in need of an update. What am I supposed to read every day?!)
9. Jesus, who doesn't care if I wear a holy shirt and still thinks I'm a cutie pie.

Just a few things I'm grateful for today. What're you grateful for?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Warrior Dash!

With another 5k coming up this Saturday and the Color Run in November, plus some other races I'm hoping to sign up for, running and activity are obviously on my mind. I added The Color Run to my facebook likes and got sent a link to the Warrior Dash.

Not knowing anything about it, I just checked out the website and oh my goodness! It looks terrifying and fantastic all at the same time! And the best part is that it comes to NC each year! It's too late to sign up for it for 2012, but I will seriously be considering signing up for the race in 2013.

Check it out and tell me if you've done it or if you want to do it!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Girls' Night Out- The Prep!

Well first of all, praise Jesus it's so much cooler this week than last! The rain and clouds make for a dreary week, but I'd rather have that than 100+ degree weeks!

Our ministry's Girls' Night Out event is coming up in August, and it snuck up on me this year. I've been scrambling to catch up and finally got all the invites out today- all 195 of them. This year I prayed over them before mailing them, hoping these ladies can come and enjoy a relaxing and fun time getting to know each other better. This, outside of our weekly commitments of serving together.

God laid this event on my heart five years ago and I'm happy to say that the guys still support the event. Outside influences may affect other events we do, but the one time a year we celebrate the women in our ministry, without them having to serve themselves, is such a blessing!

We always enjoy ourselves by worshipping together and playing fun games (Taboo and Catchphrase are the repeated faves every year), but the craft and the dessert are always the mysteries. The ladies enjoy both, but I never tell anyone what they'll be ahead of time. Makes it more exciting that way. (and usually I don't know until the week of!)

Last year, Pinterest had come into my life, so we made the tile coasters which were a success or flop, depending on how much of a Mod Podge expert you were, and we had mini fruit pizzas made with these. Yummy!

 This year, I'm in the middle of PinterTesting again...


I'm hoping these Sharpie mugs do the trick, and I'm whipping up batch after batch of Lazy Cookies. Poor me! (MyFitnessPal is not happy with me these days.)

I'll keep you posted on how my testing goes. The mugs so far have done well, though after the baking, the colors smudge a bit. I still need to run them through the dishwasher again to see if the artwork holds up. The Lazy Cookies I can say for sure will be a success, but they do need a slightly longer baking time. Then they'll be perfect!

I can't wait for Girls' Night Out! I think it'll be a huge blessing! Linking up with Jessica's July PinterTest Kitchen- come join us!

Monday, July 09, 2012

No. Heck to the No.

I would just like to take this moment to say that on this, our SEVENTH day of straight 100+ degree weather, I am sick of it. I'm so tired of sweating. I HATE/LOATHE/DESPISE sweating, especially if I'm not supposed to be (the ONLY acceptable example of appropriate sweating would be working out. that is all.). My ideal weather includes the low-to-mid-70s and sun that doesn't include humidity.

Thank you for listening to my rant. Thank you Jesus for the 80 degree days we're actually looking forward to this week-- I just need a break from all this heat. Also, thank you Lord for A/C.

Goodbye and happy Monday.

PS- I joined the 4th of July Linky Party with Kim and Katy. Come join us!

Friday, July 06, 2012

Best In The World!

I have the best husband on the planet!

Besides being the one person in the world actually able to live with me and my quirks (aka anal tendencies/OCDness)...

I mentioned to him yesterday that I wanted this...

... only to find out not five minutes later that he got it for me! Eek!

Now I need to fill it, huh? Maybe that was his end game?

Maybe with these? Or these? Or what about these? For now, I'm thinking these should happen first, don't you?

I love you, CC! You're the best ever!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Freedom Fun

Yesterday, obviously, was July 4th. We took license with our freedom and celebrated on the 3rd. Our friend Betsy has been grill-sitting for two years, since we sold our house (can't have a grill at an apartment). Every time she wants to use it, she feels like she has to ask permission and invite us over. Win-win for us! Haha!

Anyway, we went to Betsy's and had a Mexican fajita cookout (What says American more than Mexican food?), complete with my famous guacamole and blueberry pie. Melting pot up in there. It was amazing. And awesome.

We eventually played cards, but generally we just cry-laughed the night away (that's when you laugh so hard your make-up runs down your face). My abs got a great workout that night!

Then yesterday on the actual 4th, we did not do this, though we heard them from home...

Instead, we watched our own marathon of this... 

We've recently discovered White Collar and since the season 4 finale starts next week, we had to get caught up. Good thing we only had ten episodes left of season 3! It was an awesomely restful, relaxing day.

Of course, we threw a little of this in there for good measure...

Trying to hit 45 miles in July with Marta, who's decided I can do it, even though I didn't quite make the 40 miles in June with her... we'll see. I'm at least joining in for the commiserating with other like-minded people who like torture.

So that was our 4th and now we're back to work! On Monday, I'll be linking up with Kim's July 4th linky party!

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy 4th!

Happy Independence Day to you!

My gorgeous blueberry pie!

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Freedom Run!

Saturday was my 5k. Not my first, but may as well have been. My one and only 5k previously was a disaster two years ago. I did NOT want to repeat that. So I trained and I trained and I was no longer a couch potato. Saturday was also the hottest day on record in the history of NC weather-record-keeping. Awesome. So I hydrated. And hydrated. And drank some more. I was grateful that Gatorade was on sale last week. Like it was meant to be!)

My hot hubby got up super early on a Saturday to support me. And he got us ChickfilA on the way home for breakfast! Isn't he the best?!

Here's my before picture. Don't I look smokin'? My friend who does my hair straightened it the day before. I think I need to get my hair done before every 5k, don't you?

Here's me not quite halfway through, huffing and puffing along. It was a great route, except for the two evil hills and the hot blazing sun burning down on me. I didn't get lost, I didn't have a mid-run water break, everyone was so nice and friendly, and the cause (to support military vets) was right up my alley (my brother's a Marine).

This is me crossing the finish line. I was second to last for the girls in my age group, but I beat my personal goal which was to finish within one hour. I finished in less than 47 minutes! Yay me!

This is me after the 5k! Not so cute anymore! But the pride and sense of accomplishment, I think, is quite evident. Can you tell how red I am?! That's not sunburn, that's exercise! It's like my face is all that gets the workout. Is it just me?

Just this morning I got signed up for my next 5k in about three weeks. This one will benefit local outreach ministries to help people find Christ, which is the best kind of cause, I think.

I'm stoked too because in November The Color Run is coming to nearby Charlotte! We got signed up before it sold out and I can't wait! Our very dear no-blog friends are coming from Ohio to do it with us and we're all going to make a weekend of it! I can't wait!

I think I'm addicted to running now... I just wish I didn't have to sweat and turn beet-red to do it!