Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Choosing To Focus On The Right Thing

Last week at my all-time fave, Target, I found a super cute tshirt for $6. Yes, SIX DOLLARS. This girl loves a bargain! I got it washed and waited until today to wear it to best maximize usage and cuteness factors on its first day in public.

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Well it's now later in the afternoon and I have just discovered a hole in the tshirt I've been rockin' ALL. DAY. LONG. (Did I mention I work with boys? Everywhere I turn- boys. Boys don't understand like girls do.) Because who doesn't rock holyness unintentionally? Sigh. Story of my life. Guess I'll be back at Target later this week (that's not actually a bad thing!).

So to that end, I've decided to make a list of great and awesome blessings and cool things happening to make me feel better about the cute that isn't so cute anymore. Here we go!
  1. Camp Adventure (VBS) had over 400 kids last week. And they're not here this week. ;-)
  2. If I can just exchange this shirt for a nonholy one, I'll be set. It really is a cute shirt!
  3. My hair angel, Melissa, used THE BEST hair smoother (it's called that) on me on Saturday. After a botched job on Monday, I finally figured out how to work it. Also, praise Jesus she takes the BEST model-esque pics of me! Otherwise, I'd have no new profile pics on facebook EVER.

 4. Starbucks mochas. Manna from Heaven.
5. My sweet (HAWT!) hubby that makes me laugh all the time. And understands why I wouldn't go see Batman with him.
6. Running- because I'm crazy.
7. Pinterest- so helpful for craftiness of the prankster variety (not that I'd know ANYTHING about that)
8. Friends to catch up with on Friday- Can't wait! (Ps- Your blog is woefully in need of an update. What am I supposed to read every day?!)
9. Jesus, who doesn't care if I wear a holy shirt and still thinks I'm a cutie pie.

Just a few things I'm grateful for today. What're you grateful for?


Jessica Johnson said...

LOVE your hair. that shirt is a fab color on you. and you = SKINNYYYYY.

Jan said...

LOL (my blog). I laughed so hard when I saw that was my blog. *sigh* It is definitely neglected. I might have to post pics of a certain bleach sprayed t-shirt that was just made. :)

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your hair. Model pic for sure! Hubby's gonna have to frame that one and show you off. :)

I agree with Jessica...LOVE the color on you! Sorry for the hole. What a bummer! Hope it can easily be exchanged and they have another one for you.

Love your list!