Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Girls' Night Out- The Prep!

Well first of all, praise Jesus it's so much cooler this week than last! The rain and clouds make for a dreary week, but I'd rather have that than 100+ degree weeks!

Our ministry's Girls' Night Out event is coming up in August, and it snuck up on me this year. I've been scrambling to catch up and finally got all the invites out today- all 195 of them. This year I prayed over them before mailing them, hoping these ladies can come and enjoy a relaxing and fun time getting to know each other better. This, outside of our weekly commitments of serving together.

God laid this event on my heart five years ago and I'm happy to say that the guys still support the event. Outside influences may affect other events we do, but the one time a year we celebrate the women in our ministry, without them having to serve themselves, is such a blessing!

We always enjoy ourselves by worshipping together and playing fun games (Taboo and Catchphrase are the repeated faves every year), but the craft and the dessert are always the mysteries. The ladies enjoy both, but I never tell anyone what they'll be ahead of time. Makes it more exciting that way. (and usually I don't know until the week of!)

Last year, Pinterest had come into my life, so we made the tile coasters which were a success or flop, depending on how much of a Mod Podge expert you were, and we had mini fruit pizzas made with these. Yummy!

 This year, I'm in the middle of PinterTesting again...


I'm hoping these Sharpie mugs do the trick, and I'm whipping up batch after batch of Lazy Cookies. Poor me! (MyFitnessPal is not happy with me these days.)

I'll keep you posted on how my testing goes. The mugs so far have done well, though after the baking, the colors smudge a bit. I still need to run them through the dishwasher again to see if the artwork holds up. The Lazy Cookies I can say for sure will be a success, but they do need a slightly longer baking time. Then they'll be perfect!

I can't wait for Girls' Night Out! I think it'll be a huge blessing! Linking up with Jessica's July PinterTest Kitchen- come join us!

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Cinders said...

had those lazy cookies for the first time a few weeks ago. in love.
that is such a cool idea for the mugs! it would make a great birthday or wedding gift!