Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Monday

As soon as I posted Funkytown last week, everything got better, praise the Lord! I saw fun friends, spent lots of good time with the Hubby, and got some exercise and yummy food. Focusing on the blessings certainly helped most of all.

This past weekend we did not clean anything. We barely did laundry. What DID we do, you ask?

Besides my daily stalking of the office staff for my mug swap delivery (post forthcoming!), we went to Lazy Daze in Cary, an annual arts-and-crafts festival nearby. We went with a very fun, no-blog friend and walked all over the stinkin' downtown area.

Why on earth this festival with its trillions of people swarming all over is only one eight-hour period of time, I do not know. But it was. So we arrived early (Starbucks in hand, of course) and proceeded to join the other millions of people who thought getting there bright and early Saturday would be a fantastic idea. (It really was, don't get me wrong.)

We shopped, we ate, we looked around, we walked, rinse and repeat. We had a blast even just spending time with our friend, but on top of it all, I officially managed to get some Fall decorations up in the house already. Yep, in August. I'm good like that. A couple different booths were selling some super cute fabric pumpkins (one from a vintage chenille bedspread!) and sweet CC let me get them, so they're on display now. Woohoo! Fall is on the way!

My other favorite part of the weekend was placing an order with a Scentsy rep and finding a new friend! Laura's amazing and I already love her! On top of that, she sells great-smelling fun candle-y things! What could be better?! Oh I know...

Fall is on its way! (Have I mentioned that yet because I'm sooooo excited!)

In other news, I've signed up for my next 5k in a few weeks. Eek! These shin splints I had really set me back, so I doubt seriously that I'll set a record or anything, but I'm just glad I'm still moving forward.

What're you up to?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


You know the kind of day where everything you do takes massive amounts of energy to get anything done? The kind of day where you're cranky and short-tempered and you don't know why? The kind of day that drags on and on and then it storms and rains and the weather matches your mood? The kind of day where you wish you could stay home in jammies and cuddle with the schnoodle?

Today is that day for me. Not sure why, but it's been like this all day long. I've been praying and trying hard to snap out of it, but so far, the whole day's been like this. Since I'm working tonight, I need to snap out of it and quick!

To that end, I thought making a list of happy would be a great thing to do, so here we go, in no particular order...

  • My mug swap buddy and a certain girl should have received happy mail today and I'm praying they both like everything
  • My sweet husband who puts up with me regardless of whether or not I'm itching for an argument (this may or may not have been the case last night)
  • Friday is almost here! I cannot wait because I get to go hang out with this fun girl and her cutie pie boy
  • The bloggie switch-over seems to be going well- I've heard no complaints from anyone that they're still having trouble
  • Starbucks, Coke Zero, ChickfilA... some of my faves have made it a somewhat less funky day
  • My mug should be arriving hopefully any day now and I am ecstatically harassing the office staff on a daily basis so I don't miss it
  • Bloggie/IG friends that cheer me up when I most need it
What're you thankful for when you're feeling funky?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mind Blown.

Today I was driving to work thinking about all those grown-ups I see all the time. The adults that are real adults- with health issues like arthritis, and the adults with career situations and responsibilities, like little humans and car problems. Adults that aren't college-age or young 20s or even mid-20s... you know, GROWN-UPS!

And then I drove a little further and realized... I am one!

And then I freaked out and finished the drive in my grown-up car with its grown-up evap system issues to my grown-up job where I will not play hooky like the non-grown-up that I am.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Please Read-- Big Bloggie News!

Big news! Okay, well just to me, but it affects you too!

The domain for this here little Bloggie, Life At Pemberley, will be changing to its own URL coming this week! This means no more bloggie attached to our usually defunct website, We're on our own; we're growing up! 

Hubby will be changing this over beginning tonight and if all goes well, we should be up and running by Thursday. Hooray!

Right now you're visiting Please update all bookmarks, RSS feeds (if necessary), links, etc. to point to the new domain:

You should be able to continue using the old URL during the transition, but by Thursday morning it should be redirecting you to the new URL.

Please please please update your info to reflect this change as I don't want to lose anyone during this transition. I think it'll be a great change, but I want you to come along for the ride!

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. I'll still be posting and you are still able to comment during the switch-over, so don't be a stranger!

In more fun news, I got some happy mail posted today! I hope my mug swap buddy likes what I sent! I haven't yet received mine, but that just builds the anticipation and as you might be able to tell, I'm SO excited!
Happy Mail!

Friday, August 17, 2012


Since I haven't posted InstaWorld photos in a while, I thought I'd share. Ready? Okay, here we go...!

You've seen this from Amy already, but I love it so much I'm sharing again!
Ms. DIVA getting her Jersey tan on

Coffee rocks my socks, obvs!

This is the jam... or 45 calorie cream cheese anyway...

So there you go. My week in a very fast nutshell! Looking forward to a more relaxed weekend...

Thursday, August 16, 2012


To begin, if you continue reading this post, I hope you will not find this post (or me) offensive, but I have something I need to get off my chest and here is where I plan to share that. I will not post this on fb, or twitter, or wherever else, but here. Here is where I can be honest and vent a little about things that may bug me.

I hope if this does offend or convict you, you'll feel free to share. Please DO NOT turn this into an attack or I will delete your comments. I do hope you'll not base your experience with me on this one post; however I do not plan to apologize for posting this either.

With that said, let's dive in...

I became a Christian at the age of six. Too young to have a truly rebellious stage, but old enough to understand that I needed Jesus. Still do and praise Him that we're together. Growing up though I was often influenced by my peers in regrettable ways. One of these ways I still regret is trying to 'fit in' one day on the playground (playground! in 3rd grade! ugh!) by learning bad words and then saying them out loud. To this day, I hate how wishy washy I was and how into the pressure I was; however honestly I was, at the beginning, in third grade. Still learning.

I wasn't very good at cussing. These new words didn't feel right in my mouth. They sounded weird to my ears. But I felt a part of things and that was fun.

This didn't last long as I soon after that learned that Jesus told us not to cuss or take His name in vain. (In case you haven't figured out yet, I was not much of a rebellious kid. Even in my teen years, about the most I did was talk back a little. My punishment? I didn't get to go to youth group at church. Honestly. I know, I'm weird.) Anyway, I immediately repented and stopped saying such 'bad' words. I didn't really understand the point anyway.

As the years passed, it became evident to me through conversations with other high-schoolers and other people in my circle of influence that they could see a difference in me. Learning from others, I saw the value in NOT beating people over the head with the Bible or yelling at someone until they finally saw the error of their ways. In other words, living Jesus was impacting others. Yay!

But over and over and over again, I can't tell you how often I heard this-- the very first impression of Jesus some of these folks had was that they never heard me curse. It finally dawned on me one day! Something as minor as not using foul language influences others to immediately see a difference in me! Wow. What an easy impact for me to have on the world around me!

That right there is the number two reason I don't curse. The number one reason? Right here. Or here's an even better translation. Jesus likes me to use His name reverently, lovingly, carefully.

So I try.

But let's be honest here. I still sin, all the time. I hate it. I have struggles and temptations like everyone else. To be gut-honest, foul language is one of my biggest weaknesses. I'm serious. It's hard for me to not say things and especially once they're in my head, it's REALLY hard to get them back out again. For this reason, I do my best to avoid hearing these things. Dirty jokes. Bad words. Mean or hurtful things I might be thinking. You name it; it gets in my head. Again, though, I'm called to holiness. So I don't say the things I want to say. Even when it's hard. Because that's the first way people see I'm a different creation, and that matters way more than my own desires.

Which brings me to the root of this post...

It bugs the snot out of me when I hear other Christians cussing. How are we to sound different from everyone else when we're saying the same stuff they are?! Our faith is all the more difficult to see when 'potty mouth syndrome' is occurring.

"With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in God’s likeness. Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers, this should not be. Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring? My brothers, can a fig tree bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs? Neither can a salt spring produce fresh water." ~James 3:9-12 NIV 1984

I understand it's difficult and oh so easy to say something to be funny or for impact. You wanna talk about impact? Hello! Jesus makes the biggest impact there is in someone's life!

It's okay if you're not convinced. Let me give you one more thing to think about and I'll get off my soapbox for today...

"Be careful, however, that the exercise of your freedom does not become a stumbling block to the weak. For if anyone with a weak conscience sees you who have this knowledge eating in an idol’s temple, won’t he be emboldened to eat what has been sacrificed to idols? So this weak brother, for whom Christ died, is destroyed by your knowledge. When you sin against your brothers in this way and wound their weak conscience, you sin against Christ. Therefore, if what I eat causes my brother to fall into sin, I will never eat meat again, so that I will not cause him to fall." ~ 1 Corinthians 8:9-13 NIV 1984

Basically, if you aren't convicted in this way, that's between you and the Lord. I am in no way trying to cast blame. But I will say that as a follower of Christ, I do not want to cause others to stumble. If my cussing causes someone new in their faith (or even old in their faith, doesn't matter) to sin by cussing because they think it's okay, that is a very real problem. And I for one don't want that extra responsibility.

The other night we were watching "Bunheads" on the ABC Family Channel. We refer to this new show as "Gilmore Girls 2" for those of you wondering. Honestly we're not convinced this show is quite worth watching as it's not nearly the same as "Gilmore Girls," which will forever live in infamy as one of the greatest TV shows ever. But I digress. On the FAMILY channel watching Bunheads the other night, the lead character, Michelle, was wearing a tshirt with the words "Dance Your A** Off." As the lead character on a family show, I have a significant issue with the problem that her shirt was in EVERY scene, visible to all who can read. There was no way to avoid seeing her shirt if you wanted to watch the show. And she had that shirt on for a large portion of the episode. Very aggravating. And now that word is back in my head and what do I do with that?! The answer's obvious but I for one found it frustrating.

Now I ask you to please hear my heart. If you cuss or struggle with this, please please please don't read that I'm beating you over the head. In fact, I probably love you more because I struggle in the same way. But I feel called to share that this an issue for me and ask that you respect that by checking yourself and seeing if this might not be a problem for you too. And then it's up to you what you do with that.

I hope you come back and read more on a day when I'm not on my soapbox. I thank you for listening to me while I was on my soapbox. I'm done now...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Whole New World

Do you ever feel like you live two lives? Recently, I've been feeling that way and I don't mean it badly.

On the one hand, the people I'm surrounded with on a daily basis, whether it's church people or local friends, or my family. Technically these folks might be located nearby and others might be in Texas or Ohio. Either way, these are the people I'm used to being around and interacting with. I love these people.

But on the other hand, my blog world and social media world have brought me some pretty amazing friendships I am constantly blessed by. I've never met these people in person and I can hope one day that might change, but the reality is most of these new friends live on the opposite side of the country from me. Not easy to just jump a plane and meet at the corner Starbucks. And yet, I love these friends just as much.

Through my blog and Instagram, I have this whole other group of fun friends! Kim, Jessica, and Hannah are probably my 'oldest' friendships through the blog world, going back to last year sometime. Amy is a newer friend I met through my Insta-world and I adore her! She runs five thousand miles a month and makes the best food! Her kids are flippin' adorable and she just seems amazing! She posts such cute things she makes or bakes, and I think 'in real life' we'd probably be great friends.

I do have some crossovers: friends IRL (in real life) who also have blogs. Jan and Meredith, specifically. I go WAYYYYY back with these two and love them dearly.

Mostly ladies, these people challenge me on a daily basis to dive deeper into Jesus, to be bolder in sharing my faith, to love more, and to BE more. All while sharing crafty ideas, yummy food pictures, encouragement, Scripture verses, or just what's going on in their own lives. I laugh all the time at these funny girls and currently am grieving and praying for a situation with another. It is indeed real life, and I love it all.

I say all this because I have been blessed and completely blown away by the generosity of these friends of mine. Last year about this time, it was fascinating to participate and follow along with Julie's Happy Day Project. Recently, I participated and shared about Hope4Sudan, which still needs your prayers and support, even though HALF the funds were raised in less than two weeks due to the blog community. Praise God! Even more recently, it's amazing how often you can support adoption needs by buying from etsy. All this with the help of old and new friends alike, on a computer. Amazing.

Friday morning as you now know, was my birthday. I expected and enjoyed the fun with Hubby and dinner with friends. Jan came over with homemade PDub's chocolate cake (also renamed CuppaKim's 5am cake) and a perfect and unexpected gift (Thank you!). What I did not expect and am completely astounded by, was the generosity and love and support from my 'virtual' friends!

I woke up to a Starbucks gift from sweet Hannah and an iTunes gift from awesome Kim, lots of happy birthday comments, which I also received throughout the day, all of this making the entire day a party. Everyone was so thoughtful and so encouraging!

I was teasing Amy through Instagram about how it was my birthday because she'd posted this amazing photo of something she'd made. Next thing I know, she's got a package in the mail! To ME! I LOVE mail. I don't care if it's a catalog or a thinking-of-you note, I adore mail. CC and I argue over who gets to check the mail all the time (the winner is whoever gets to the box first).

My birthday package from Amy- check out that awesome rainbow bracelet!

The generosity of people I technically have never met, but love just as much as those I have, is a wondrous thing to behold. I feel like it gives a glimpse into what Heaven will be like, when we're all continuously so selfless and giving. Of our time. Our thoughts. Our money. Our talents. Our treasures.

I can only hope to strive to be more like this now, before Heaven. I believe this shows His glory here, for others to see. I know folks who wouldn't dream of doing such a thoughtful thing as sending a birthday gift through email. Not that they wouldn't want to, but just wouldn't think to do it. Yet so much joy came from that simple act.

I need to do better, I want to do better. To ultimately bring God greater glory. And how cool would that be?!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Spoiled Rotten And Then Some

My birthday was this past Friday. You might not have realized that since I tend to have a whole birthday season and people tend to not be sure when the actual day is. I was spoiled rotten.

Hubby (who was finally back to his healthy self, praise Jesus!) got me a handmade scarf from etsy, which is super soft, totally matches everything, was super affordable, and he got it from this awesome lady! This is on top of meeting him for lunch Friday (I have Fridays off since I work Sundays) for Mexican, and then spending time in my new favorite store, Anthropologie!

My new favorite place to go

I officially started our Christmas shopping there because I found some great things! I was in Heaven there. I told Hubby he could throw a dart in that store and I'd be happy with whatever it landed on. That place is crazy expensive though. I saw this BEAUTIFUL headband/belt/not-sure-but-it-was-pretty thing that I was dying to get, but it was $48! So no. But the employees there were super kind and they gave me a birthday hook-up for 15% off, so I was thrilled! In the picture up there, I got one of the berry baskets on the left, and in the middle, are candles, which I got one of- whipped cream & pear. Can't go wrong there. (hey, I rhyme!)

The cat's meowwwwww!
I found this AWESOME dress for Kim, Katy, and Hannah. They loved it, obvs.

Then I walked around and found this happy news!

All my money will be also spent here

We hit up Bath & Body Works too for some candle action and hand soap.

Fall Heaven!

Fall stuff is out, yo! A happy, happy girl!

People! Do you see the possibilities with this jar?! And the cake!

Target came through for me finally. I've been eyeing (sp?) that giant mason jar for months but didn't want to pay full-price without a plan for what to put in it. But it's on sale this week for $15 and I used my Target debit card which took off another 5%! Yay! So I still have no set plan for it, but it sure looks awesome sitting on the kitchen table.

Hubby and I went out Friday night for dinner with friends which was fun (the pictures turned out horribly- our waiter took them and he was bizarre. Nice, but a rather strange fellow)!

I took the week off from MFP and gained two and a half pounds. Now to get back to the grind and work it back OFF...

Come back tomorrow for some more (virtual) birthday fun!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Girls' Night Out!

Our ministry's Girls' Night Out event took place this past Thursday, as you may or may not know. It was wonderful and awesome and hopefully a blessing to many ladies. I'd love to tell you about it but you need to know one thing up front.

I have zero pictures to share with you. I'm so sorry! I remembered all week to get pics, even charged my phone so it'd be ready, and then TOTALLY COMPLETELY FORGOT to take even one. Oh no, wait, here's the one I remembered to take.

The boring before

Looks fun, right? Geez.

Anyway, we had a blast! Jeremy, our music pastor and overall prankster, led worship beginning with Happy Birthday. So worshipful. I turned red. Which was all the more impressive to the women present since I had on a red shirt. I like to match. Yep, I heard them comment on it. Pretty funny, except that they were talking about ME ("oh look! she really IS turning red!"). Yeah, I don't play when it comes to blushing. And my super awesome no-blog friend, Jamie, was pre-warned so she could be standing by with her phone camera. Awesome.

We ate chocolate, we drank raspberry lemonade, we sharpied mugs, played games, and generally had a pretty fantastic time! Friends stayed to help clean up which was wonderful (even though they weren't supposed to serve!). Easy peasy and so worth it!

Linking up with Jessica's August PinterTest Kitchen, where we test pins off Pinterest and hope they're successes! Come join us!

The lazy cookies are amazing and ridiculously easy. I do end up baking mine for about eight minutes instead of the recommended five, but I blame that on my cheap apartment oven.

The Sharpie mugs are great, especially with colored Sharpies! All my colors got darker, and again because of the oven, didn't stay evenly colored (some lighter spots vs. darker spots). Overall, the design held up but you CANNOT clean them in the dishwasher. The post says that, but why read the directions when you can learn the hard way? Yes, I had to redo my designs. And they were way cuter the first time around. Oh well. They do eventually rub away, was my experience, but if taken care of, they'll last for a good while. Or until you accidentally run them through the dishwasher. But then you get the fun of re-doing your mug, so success all around!

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Same Ol', Same Ol'

I don't know about you, but often I think about things while I'm getting ready for the day. It usually starts with what's on the daily agenda, moves on to the people I'll interact with and how I can be a better example for the Lord, and then I end up with these random thoughts and connections, which may or may not lead to my solutions for world peace. Yep, all while brushing my teeth.

This morning I was thinking back to last night's interaction with a guy in our ministry. He's a great guy and he's very highly thought of, but I'm not necessarily super close to him (I say this because I'm not typically going to spew forth super personal info to someone I don't feel close to- especially a boy.). The beginning of our conversation went like this...

Guy: Hi Susan, how're you doing?
Me: Hi Guy, I'm good. What about you? (we keep it casual up in here)
Guy: I'm good too. I haven't seen you in a while, what's going on?
Me: Nothing much. Just the same ol', same ol', you know.

Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera... I know, I lead a wild and crazy life!

So this morning I was thinking about what exactly my response means. When I say that, I generally mean, work's crazy as usual, but I'm loving it. I mean that I'm still happily, ecstatically married to my best friend. It means life's the same, dog's the same, still breathing and moving forward. Everything's the same as the last time we spoke.

But then it got me thinking more (see? I told you.)... if I'm called to constantly be growing more and more like Jesus, shouldn't I be different? Everything around me might stay the same for that phase of life, but I should be continually improving and growing more like the Lord, right?

Maybe my response should've been... "Hi friend, today I'm more patient than I was a week ago. How about you?" Or maybe, "Well today I'm struggling with the grouchies because I didn't get much sleep last night. What about you?" Or even, "You know what? I just realized I wasn't praying as much so far today as I've been thinking I have. I better go get on that. How's your prayer life today?"

I've always been one for honesty when asked how I'm doing. I think if you're going to ask, even if it's just a social greeting, you should mean it and be prepared to listen to the answer, whatever it may be. I see this as another easy way to show Jesus to whomever I'm speaking with. I'm not always great at this, but I do try.

All that to say, I think this also applies when people want an update on your life. I think what they really want to know an update on is YOU. Not just what's going on, although that can be a fun conversation, but we really seek that deeper connection with others you know? Especially as a woman, I'm made to be more relational. The original real conversation didn't feel all that relational to me, did it to you?

Yet another thing to work on, but hey, if it shows people Jesus and gives more glory to Him, then I've improved even a little more than yesterday, haven't I? And that means I'm not just the "same ol', same ol'!"

Wednesday, August 08, 2012


I got my mug swap assignment today and I am stoked! Kim's doing a fabulous job organizing and running this, only her second annual mug swap. I'm so excited and blessed by this project and I can't wait to make new friends (or keep old friends?! I ain't tellin'!)!

Thank you, friend! Now to go do some research and figure out what kind of mug I want to send! Let the fun begin!

Monday, August 06, 2012

A Little Recap

So June and July are over and August is here, as you well know. As I've mentioned recently, August begins my favorite time of year: my birthday and Fall and all its glory is on the way! Unfortunately for us here in NC, we still have another couple of hot months to go before it truly starts to even resemble Autumn, but this morning on the way to work, I did have TWO (itsy bitsy teeny tiny) leaves that had fallen on my windshield! Woohoo! It's coming! Break out the apple cider! Break out the pumpkin decor! Oh that's just me? Figures...

In case you don't yet know this, I am apparently the only person on the planet that does birthdays properly. Properly means BIG celebrating, making an entire season out of it, telling everyone on the planet (I'm getting better about this as I grow older), and generally being super stinkin' excited!

I was doing pretty well not tooting my own birthday horn all over town once the month began, but then Hubby had to go and be all super sweet. We've been faithful to My Fitness Pal (.com!) for almost a month now, and the pounds are coming off, a tenth at a time. (This in and of itself is truly amazing.) Of course, that means we need new clothes. Not go crazy shopping spree clothes, but clothes for where we're at now. Our weekly Kohl's coupon came in the mail last week and my frugal Hubby figured out we could score tons for cheap. Here's how...

Kohl's sent us a coupon for 20% off $100 purchase or more. We went during the special sale times (early bird on Saturday) to get the cheapest prices AND got $30 Kohl's cash off a future purchase. Oh, and did I forget to mention it was tax-free weekend in NC, which means we paid no taxes for clothes? Woot! Group all that together and we scored big!

All that to say, Saturday turned into a "Treat Yo'self Day" (if you don't watch Parks & Rec, you need to. Now. Or Yesterday. Get on it!).

We hit up Kohl's, Old Navy, Target, Starbucks, and I can't even remember what else. It was awesome. And then, we came home. (Shopping wears a body out!)

And after we came home, Hubby suddenly became deathly ill. (Okay, not really, but he's been sick all weekend, WITH a fever, and it stinks.) CC missed church yesterday, he missed our first AMAZING and God-honoring baptism service after church for those with special needs (An entire post in and of itself), AND he's home sick today. AND he's missing my birthday lunch with my work guys (aka our friends). Sadness.

Friends, please pray he gets well quickly and I stay well. This is a crazy kind of week and I need us both to be well. On top of the regular week going on, the ministry's Girls' Night Out event is Thursday, which I still have much to prepare for and the birthday weekend is coming up. Lots going on. Lots to be well for. No time for dying of feverish illnesses.

Now on to the happy news... If you are crazy and STILL have not yet signed up for CuppaKim's annual mug swap, what on Earth are you waiting for?! It's going to be AMAZING! Join us!

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Race Recap: Run With Heart

This past weekend I ran what I'm calling my second (officially my third) 5k, called Run With Heart.

The race was put on by a local church in the community with all proceeds benefiting local ministries supporting and encouraging disadvantaged youth. If you know me at all, this is right up my alley. I was thrilled to run for them! I was especially excited to run this one because the course is being used again by another group in September, Jack and Jill Ran Up The Hill. Sounds cute, right? Even better is that the course is extremely straight and extremely flat. Perfect for this amateur runner! How could I possibly get lost when all I need to do is literally run up one side of a straight, flat street, turn around, and run back? I can't possibly mess up the one turn, can I? (I ask this because my first official 5k was super disastrous and hilarious all at the same time.)

We woke up super early Saturday to get across town in time to survey the lay of the land. Poor sweet hubby who is NOT a morning person supports me in this way. He wakes up, does the driving, and is my personal cheerleader man. (He's my hero!) We got there and had lots of walking to do as we were using a community center and an entire street. This ended up helping me get warmed up before the actual race, which I liked. Less walking, more running!

I was really nervous because I didn't know ANYBODY who was running this race too. (Last time my friend Stacie was there.) Then I got even worse when I realized I was wrong about the course! Uh oh! Turns out we run one way up the street, turn around, PASS the finish line, then run all the way to the other end of the street and turn around AGAIN before hitting the finish line. TWO turns and passing the finish line before I'm finished?! I was in trouble! Hubby managed to talk me off the ledge and I calmed down. My Nike+ running app was messing up which didn't help, but by the time we started, it was working again.

Trying to get my app working before we started

Well the race itself ended up being amazing. Silly me thought since the course was so straight and flat I'd be able to run the entire thing. Considering I've yet to be able to do that... well, let's just say I stuck with my interval wogging this time. Which paid off, because I beat my last 5k official time by FOUR minutes! And, I finished under my 45:00 goal I'd set for myself! 42:58! Yay me!

Crossing the finish line!

I loved how joyful and encouraging the volunteers were at this race! As I came to the finish line, they would look up my name by my bib number and cheer and encourage us all on BY NAME. "Yay, Susan! You're almost there! Awesome job!" Such a special blessing that was. A great touch on their part too!

At the end of the race, Planet Smoothie (one of the sponsors) had provided sample smoothies to everyone, which was amazing! Afterwards, Hubby and I hit up ChickfilA for breakfast, since I can't eat before I run. So good!

Shin splints have been holding me back this week, but I'm walking since I can't run right now. I figure a 5k is a 5k, am I right?

Now I need to get signed up for the race in September on this same course. I'm hoping Hubby signs up to walk it too, as a precursor to our Color Run in November. I think it'd be pretty awesome to do a 5k together!

In the meantime, I'm extremely grateful the tshirt for this race wasn't just another white shirt. This one was neon green! I don't know that I'd wear it outside the house since it's so bright, but I love what it means to me and what it stands for. God is always good, isn't He?

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Get Your Mug On!

Yay! Today is August 1st, which begins the most wonderful five months of the year! Birthday season is officially upon us, Autumn is on its way, and Thanksgiving and Christmas, along with cooler weather, are on the way! Praise Jesus! I kept singing "It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!" song around the house last night and poor CC could NOT stop rolling his eyes. Crazy man.

What makes this time of year even better, you ask?! CuppaKim's annual MUG SWAP is back! Woohoo!

This was such a blast last year! It was my first blog swap I participated in and I LOVED it! I got to know two awesome ladies, Carrie and Hannah. (Hannah makes the cutest earrings on Etsy if you want to look super cool and fashionable.)! I also got to be better friends with the famous Kim, and of course, she's awesome too, so I loved it! Oh, did I mention I got a super cute turquoise mug from Carrie out of it? I think of those three ladies EVERY. TIME. I use my mug. How cool is that?!

So I have already responded that I'll of course be joining up for this year's awesome mug party. Jump on board with us! Anyone can participate and I promise you'll have a blast!

And in case you missed my post about helping Hope4Sudan, please check here for more info. They're halfway to the goal, but these people are hungry and need food TODAY. Or, yesterday even. Let's join in and help show them Jesus!