Monday, August 06, 2012

A Little Recap

So June and July are over and August is here, as you well know. As I've mentioned recently, August begins my favorite time of year: my birthday and Fall and all its glory is on the way! Unfortunately for us here in NC, we still have another couple of hot months to go before it truly starts to even resemble Autumn, but this morning on the way to work, I did have TWO (itsy bitsy teeny tiny) leaves that had fallen on my windshield! Woohoo! It's coming! Break out the apple cider! Break out the pumpkin decor! Oh that's just me? Figures...

In case you don't yet know this, I am apparently the only person on the planet that does birthdays properly. Properly means BIG celebrating, making an entire season out of it, telling everyone on the planet (I'm getting better about this as I grow older), and generally being super stinkin' excited!

I was doing pretty well not tooting my own birthday horn all over town once the month began, but then Hubby had to go and be all super sweet. We've been faithful to My Fitness Pal (.com!) for almost a month now, and the pounds are coming off, a tenth at a time. (This in and of itself is truly amazing.) Of course, that means we need new clothes. Not go crazy shopping spree clothes, but clothes for where we're at now. Our weekly Kohl's coupon came in the mail last week and my frugal Hubby figured out we could score tons for cheap. Here's how...

Kohl's sent us a coupon for 20% off $100 purchase or more. We went during the special sale times (early bird on Saturday) to get the cheapest prices AND got $30 Kohl's cash off a future purchase. Oh, and did I forget to mention it was tax-free weekend in NC, which means we paid no taxes for clothes? Woot! Group all that together and we scored big!

All that to say, Saturday turned into a "Treat Yo'self Day" (if you don't watch Parks & Rec, you need to. Now. Or Yesterday. Get on it!).

We hit up Kohl's, Old Navy, Target, Starbucks, and I can't even remember what else. It was awesome. And then, we came home. (Shopping wears a body out!)

And after we came home, Hubby suddenly became deathly ill. (Okay, not really, but he's been sick all weekend, WITH a fever, and it stinks.) CC missed church yesterday, he missed our first AMAZING and God-honoring baptism service after church for those with special needs (An entire post in and of itself), AND he's home sick today. AND he's missing my birthday lunch with my work guys (aka our friends). Sadness.

Friends, please pray he gets well quickly and I stay well. This is a crazy kind of week and I need us both to be well. On top of the regular week going on, the ministry's Girls' Night Out event is Thursday, which I still have much to prepare for and the birthday weekend is coming up. Lots going on. Lots to be well for. No time for dying of feverish illnesses.

Now on to the happy news... If you are crazy and STILL have not yet signed up for CuppaKim's annual mug swap, what on Earth are you waiting for?! It's going to be AMAZING! Join us!


{cuppakim} said...

Poor cc, that sounds so disappointing to miss!!!

How awesome that you guys need more clothes and even more awesome that you got such steals at kohls. I think I need a trip there ASAP!!!!

Jan said...

Yay for needing to go shopping and scoring some awesome deals!!!

So sorry to hear about your hubby. Poor guy! Definitely praying he feels relief soon and is 100% better ASAP!!!