Wednesday, August 22, 2012


You know the kind of day where everything you do takes massive amounts of energy to get anything done? The kind of day where you're cranky and short-tempered and you don't know why? The kind of day that drags on and on and then it storms and rains and the weather matches your mood? The kind of day where you wish you could stay home in jammies and cuddle with the schnoodle?

Today is that day for me. Not sure why, but it's been like this all day long. I've been praying and trying hard to snap out of it, but so far, the whole day's been like this. Since I'm working tonight, I need to snap out of it and quick!

To that end, I thought making a list of happy would be a great thing to do, so here we go, in no particular order...

  • My mug swap buddy and a certain girl should have received happy mail today and I'm praying they both like everything
  • My sweet husband who puts up with me regardless of whether or not I'm itching for an argument (this may or may not have been the case last night)
  • Friday is almost here! I cannot wait because I get to go hang out with this fun girl and her cutie pie boy
  • The bloggie switch-over seems to be going well- I've heard no complaints from anyone that they're still having trouble
  • Starbucks, Coke Zero, ChickfilA... some of my faves have made it a somewhat less funky day
  • My mug should be arriving hopefully any day now and I am ecstatically harassing the office staff on a daily basis so I don't miss it
  • Bloggie/IG friends that cheer me up when I most need it
What're you thankful for when you're feeling funky?


Jan said...

I think we both had something to do with this weather today. I've had a very similar day today like you have. *sigh* I LOVE that you made a list of happy things. I'm off to do that now (you're such a great example...thank you!).

And I'm SO beyond excited about Friday. I can hardly stand it!!!

Denise said...

yep, have those days too. you are wise to make a "list of happy."

i joined in cuppakim's mug swap last year. still love'n my mug!

forever folding laundry said...

Yes ma'am - love the mug!
And the excuse to go to Starbucks. :)
Thanks a million.
Have a great weekend!