Monday, August 13, 2012

Girls' Night Out!

Our ministry's Girls' Night Out event took place this past Thursday, as you may or may not know. It was wonderful and awesome and hopefully a blessing to many ladies. I'd love to tell you about it but you need to know one thing up front.

I have zero pictures to share with you. I'm so sorry! I remembered all week to get pics, even charged my phone so it'd be ready, and then TOTALLY COMPLETELY FORGOT to take even one. Oh no, wait, here's the one I remembered to take.

The boring before

Looks fun, right? Geez.

Anyway, we had a blast! Jeremy, our music pastor and overall prankster, led worship beginning with Happy Birthday. So worshipful. I turned red. Which was all the more impressive to the women present since I had on a red shirt. I like to match. Yep, I heard them comment on it. Pretty funny, except that they were talking about ME ("oh look! she really IS turning red!"). Yeah, I don't play when it comes to blushing. And my super awesome no-blog friend, Jamie, was pre-warned so she could be standing by with her phone camera. Awesome.

We ate chocolate, we drank raspberry lemonade, we sharpied mugs, played games, and generally had a pretty fantastic time! Friends stayed to help clean up which was wonderful (even though they weren't supposed to serve!). Easy peasy and so worth it!

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The lazy cookies are amazing and ridiculously easy. I do end up baking mine for about eight minutes instead of the recommended five, but I blame that on my cheap apartment oven.

The Sharpie mugs are great, especially with colored Sharpies! All my colors got darker, and again because of the oven, didn't stay evenly colored (some lighter spots vs. darker spots). Overall, the design held up but you CANNOT clean them in the dishwasher. The post says that, but why read the directions when you can learn the hard way? Yes, I had to redo my designs. And they were way cuter the first time around. Oh well. They do eventually rub away, was my experience, but if taken care of, they'll last for a good while. Or until you accidentally run them through the dishwasher. But then you get the fun of re-doing your mug, so success all around!

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{cuppakim} said...

well clearly no pics is an indication of HOW fun it really was. :)
and the birthday song, hilarious. :) cute. love it.

and sharpie mugs are TOTALLY the rage - I MUST try this. PRONTO.

can you use colored sharpies on it too? tell me everything.