Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Monday

As soon as I posted Funkytown last week, everything got better, praise the Lord! I saw fun friends, spent lots of good time with the Hubby, and got some exercise and yummy food. Focusing on the blessings certainly helped most of all.

This past weekend we did not clean anything. We barely did laundry. What DID we do, you ask?

Besides my daily stalking of the office staff for my mug swap delivery (post forthcoming!), we went to Lazy Daze in Cary, an annual arts-and-crafts festival nearby. We went with a very fun, no-blog friend and walked all over the stinkin' downtown area.

Why on earth this festival with its trillions of people swarming all over is only one eight-hour period of time, I do not know. But it was. So we arrived early (Starbucks in hand, of course) and proceeded to join the other millions of people who thought getting there bright and early Saturday would be a fantastic idea. (It really was, don't get me wrong.)

We shopped, we ate, we looked around, we walked, rinse and repeat. We had a blast even just spending time with our friend, but on top of it all, I officially managed to get some Fall decorations up in the house already. Yep, in August. I'm good like that. A couple different booths were selling some super cute fabric pumpkins (one from a vintage chenille bedspread!) and sweet CC let me get them, so they're on display now. Woohoo! Fall is on the way!

My other favorite part of the weekend was placing an order with a Scentsy rep and finding a new friend! Laura's amazing and I already love her! On top of that, she sells great-smelling fun candle-y things! What could be better?! Oh I know...

Fall is on its way! (Have I mentioned that yet because I'm sooooo excited!)

In other news, I've signed up for my next 5k in a few weeks. Eek! These shin splints I had really set me back, so I doubt seriously that I'll set a record or anything, but I'm just glad I'm still moving forward.

What're you up to?

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Chris said...

Where are your pics to go along with this post? :)