Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Spoiled Rotten And Then Some

My birthday was this past Friday. You might not have realized that since I tend to have a whole birthday season and people tend to not be sure when the actual day is. I was spoiled rotten.

Hubby (who was finally back to his healthy self, praise Jesus!) got me a handmade scarf from etsy, which is super soft, totally matches everything, was super affordable, and he got it from this awesome lady! This is on top of meeting him for lunch Friday (I have Fridays off since I work Sundays) for Mexican, and then spending time in my new favorite store, Anthropologie!

My new favorite place to go

I officially started our Christmas shopping there because I found some great things! I was in Heaven there. I told Hubby he could throw a dart in that store and I'd be happy with whatever it landed on. That place is crazy expensive though. I saw this BEAUTIFUL headband/belt/not-sure-but-it-was-pretty thing that I was dying to get, but it was $48! So no. But the employees there were super kind and they gave me a birthday hook-up for 15% off, so I was thrilled! In the picture up there, I got one of the berry baskets on the left, and in the middle, are candles, which I got one of- whipped cream & pear. Can't go wrong there. (hey, I rhyme!)

The cat's meowwwwww!
I found this AWESOME dress for Kim, Katy, and Hannah. They loved it, obvs.

Then I walked around and found this happy news!

All my money will be also spent here

We hit up Bath & Body Works too for some candle action and hand soap.

Fall Heaven!

Fall stuff is out, yo! A happy, happy girl!

People! Do you see the possibilities with this jar?! And the cake!

Target came through for me finally. I've been eyeing (sp?) that giant mason jar for months but didn't want to pay full-price without a plan for what to put in it. But it's on sale this week for $15 and I used my Target debit card which took off another 5%! Yay! So I still have no set plan for it, but it sure looks awesome sitting on the kitchen table.

Hubby and I went out Friday night for dinner with friends which was fun (the pictures turned out horribly- our waiter took them and he was bizarre. Nice, but a rather strange fellow)!

I took the week off from MFP and gained two and a half pounds. Now to get back to the grind and work it back OFF...

Come back tomorrow for some more (virtual) birthday fun!

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{cuppakim} said...

if it was a dog dress i would have totally gotten it with my birthday coupon.

your loss anthro, your loss.

also. tell me about your pw sheet cake. did you bake it in small loaf pans? :)