Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Can You Hear Me Now?

For the last three weeks, our senior pastor, Chuck, has been laying out the vision for our church for the next ten years. He's been calling it the "Decade Of Destiny" and his intention is that he feels the Lord is calling the PEOPLE to be more fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ (Not just the church as a whole, but the people within the church).

The sermon this past Sunday was especially impactful, so I thought I'd share it here. It's roughly 45 minutes long, but VERY good. I felt led to share this particular sermon because the subject is on how to know if you're hearing God and how to know what His will for your life is. I've had quite a few conversations with folks recently about this very thing, which is why I think this might be helpful. I'm still thinking on it as is CC, but what we've already talked together about has been pretty great.

One of the things in particular that I liked about what Chuck had to say is how to know that God spoke to you. I'm often asked, "well, how do you KNOW that God spoke to you? Did you hear Him SAY it or what?" Usually I answer that I just felt peace about a specific decision or that it was very clear the door was closed in a certain direction. But don't we all want to know EXACTLY what I mean when I say that? It's pretty difficult to explain to someone, I think anyway, how I know beyond a doubt that God told me something, and yet, I still know He guided me to a particular path.

I'd love to hear your thoughts if you do watch the sermon... And for those of you curious and wanting more info about our church, here you go.

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Jan said...

Wow! What a great message! Thanks so much for sharing the video! I didn't realize sheep ONLY heard the voice of their master. That was such an incredible insight for me. I love how encouraging Chuck is. He's always been an incredible "speaker".