Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Muggy Goodness!

Kim celebrated her blogiversary last month by holding her second annual Mug Swap! Last year I participated and had a blast, so of course I had to do it again! A special bonus this year is that I offered to help Kim out if necessary and boy I'm glad I did! She had over 200 swappers this year and it was fun to see her behind-the-scenes work and help however I could. I was allowed to choose my swappers but I decided not to because I wanted it to be a surprise, just like everyone else.

I got Keri as the person I was sending to, and I had a lot of fun "blog-stalking" her to see what she likes and how awesome her taste is. I decided to get her a pretty and sophisticated-looking mug since that's what I thought of her after reading her blog (Seriously, go look at her house photos- her home is amazing!).

Unfortunately, the mug pics on my phone aren't available so I can't share the picture of what her mug looked like- I know I'm sorry! But lucky for me, Keri posted her insta-photo of the mug on her blog, so here you go if you really want to see it (I was more impressed and in love with her new jacket honestly, and how awesome to find another Fall-lover out there!).

I wanted to send her some fun little things along with her mug but couldn't find anything to go with such a fancy pretty mug. Sorry, Keri! Next year, I'll do better, I promise!

In the meantime, I was helping Kim with the swapping assignments, trying REALLY hard not to find out who had me. It was not easy let me tell you, especially once I cracked Kim's ultra-hard-to-crack code! Fortunately for me, my mug arrived just in the nick of time!

So I've been following Julie for a while now and I think she's just the coolest. All these California friends in my blog world just seem super cool and they get to wear flip-flops year-round. (Can you say jealous?! Of course, occasionally we get snow, so I guess it's okay.) The real bummer is how far away they are so I've never met any of them in person. One day...

Anyway, Julie's amazing and we're Insta-friends too. She has five hundred gazillion followers reading her blog and somehow she knows little ol' me (probably because I comment on everything so I'm sorry, Julie, if you ever feel somewhat stalked harassed cared for!). Boy was I completely freaking out that she had my name for the mug swap! Eek! My poor hubby can testify to the fact that I was doing the happy dance and completely lost it (yep, I'm a big dork!) when my mug from JULIE came in the mail! Just look at the goodness she sent me! It's okay for you to be a little jealous- I was when she posted the fabric on Instagram and I was dying for that fabric to be coming my way!

That GIANT mug? Yep, it will hold TWO Tassimos' worth of coffee. Just what this coffee-addict girl needs. It will also hold tea with gobs of sugar in it. Yesssss... (Right now it's holding a bouquet of flowers which looks pretty amazing, I must say- seriously, what is it with me and not getting enough pictures?! I'll do better, I promise.)

Julie also sent a bag of Starbucks coffee (which we ALL know I love and can't get enough of), along with a very sweet card in her beautiful handwriting... and the piece de resistance (sorry, I don't speak French)...

Swappy happiness!

A mug rug and a matching coffee sleeve in SUCH adorable fabrics! Fabric by the way, that Julie has been not wanting to part with, and I must say I wouldn't blame her. But she did! For me! How wonderful and thoughtful and sacrificial was that?! I was pretty honored, let me tell you.

I still find it hard to believe I have met such awesome ladies and now friends though Kim's swap. It's only happened twice and I've made five new friends just from that! First of all, Kim, who I adore and she's so funny! Then last year's swap introduced me to Hannah and Carrie who I just love, and now Julie and Keri, who are just as amazing! I'm already looking forward to next year and I must say if you missed out this time around, join us next year for more swappy goodness!

Big Thank-Yous to Kim for hosting such fun times and for giving me two cool chicas! Linking up over at Kim's for the Muggy Party!


{cuppakim} said...

you know it girl.
julie definitely brought her a-game.
i'm glad you were the one who lucked out with all of that amazingness.

also. so did keri.
you are a rockstar swapper.

this was so fun.
and i know i've said it just a few times already, but i am seriously so grateful for all of your help!!! thanks again susan!!!

Stacy said...

I have to agree, Julie is amazing! I am visiting your blog because I loved what she sent {via mug swap}and I wanted to see how you liked it!

forever folding laundry said...

Are you seriously apologizing to me
for the awesome package you sent?!
I *love* everything you sent and could not
have been more thrilled!
What Kim said: total rockstar swapper.

And best of all:
I'm so happy that now I have a brand new friend
from so very far away. :)

Oh...and the jacket is from Nordstrom, in the "teen" department. Um, and I am SO not a teen, and it's SO not real leather. :)