Thursday, September 06, 2012

The Daily Dirt

This morning when I checked Instagram, that #WIDN was floating around again and I got tagged in it this time! For those of you who may not know, WIDN stands for "What I'm Doing Now" as in, take a picture of that exact moment you saw you were tagged- give a glimpse into your everyday life.

Waiting for black gold this morning... from Mr. Dreadlocks

It made me think how cool it is that all these far-away friends are interested in the daily snapshot of my life. So I thought for your benefit, far-away friends, I'd give you more.

1. I wear a t-shirt and jeans just about every single day. When I say every single day, I mean every. single. day. I like to be comfy. I will also wear my flip-flops as far through Fall as I can, until my toes get cold and turn to toe-sicles.

2. I go to Starbucks a lot. My sweet husband totally enables me with this addiction. I love him more for it.

3. This was my fortune yesterday at lunch. Sounds about right...

4. I read a lot. I go in phases where I read a lot, then just stick with my magazines, and then back and forth. Either way, I read a lot. (and apparently I read fast too).

5. My Fall Decorations are already out. Yep, CC and I put them out September 4th. And that was late to me, so yeah, I'm one of THOSE Fall people. And I feel no shame. ;-)

Yep, and this is just a glimpse... At one point I counted 9 pumpkins just on this counter... AFTER we'd decorated the rest of the house... I *might* have a problem

Let's see, what else?

6. My work-week is Sunday- Thursday, so I am usually pretty stoked by the time Thursday comes around. Most Fridays I'm either home doing chores that I didn't get to throughout the week (dreaded laundry), or I'm out running errands or seeing this chica.

7.  My daily morning routine usually involves me taking the dog out first thing before I get ready for the day. I make a LOVELY picture walking through the neighborhood in my jammie pants and crazy hair.

8. I don't eat beef anymore and I don't really like pork or turkey much, so I pretty much live on chicken, if I'm eating meat.

9. I work in the Worship Arts Ministry Department at our church, Crossroads Fellowship. I've been attending this church since I was 13. I met my husband (a PK) in the high school youth group, I got married at this church, and I am here at least five days a week. It's my second home.

10. I love Love LOVE love love LOVE mail! All kinds, even catalogs. I love paperwork too, especially when I'm having a good handwriting day. One year, I even paid bills on my birthday because I enjoy it so much. I know, I'm weird.

11.  One of my faves is that Hubby is the cook, and I bake. This means usually he will slave away for the Man all day then come home and whip up these amazing dinners. He also cleans too. Oh yes, I know, he's a keeper. And no, you can't borrow him. ;-)

I hope that gives you a bit more of me. What about you? Or, what else do you want to know about?

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Jan said...

What a FUN post! Loved reading about YOU! Not sure I learned anything new, but it was a great refresher! :) And good thing you said that your husband is not someone you would let someone else borrow (I was so going to ask). :) You two are certainly a perfect match. I so love your marriage!!!