Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Apples To Apples To More Apples!

This past Saturday, Hubby and I drove to VA and went apple-picking! I had grand delusions of picking an entire trunk full, and then some. Poor CC had to keep busting my bubble throughout the day, but thank goodness he did, or we'd have run out of room!

The mountain view from our parking spot

We had a wonderful time but were slightly disappointed this go-round. Because Fall came early, then left as Summer returned, and now Fall's here again, something happened with the trees this year. Last year, we went pretty much the same time as this year but this time around on our drive there and back, everything looked dry and crunchy and dead, not pretty Fall-dead, but gross-muted-colors-dead. Sad. I think in a couple more weeks the trees will be beautiful. Oh well!

My bestie and me

Another slight disappointment was that last year we went during our vacation, on a weekday. That was quite wise of us as this time we obviously went on a weekend day and it was INSANE. It took us half an hour to get up the mountain to the parking spot, another half hour to wait in line to buy lunch, and then we had to walk to practically the other side of the mountain just to find apples that hadn't been picked yet!

Heading further up the mountain for the actual picking!

Sky Party on the drive home

In the end though, it was still a beautiful day with chilly Fall weather, Hubby and I were together without interruptions the entire day (which in and of itself was pretty amazing!), and we brought home lots of appley goodness! We brought home apple cider, apple butter, and 30 POUNDS of fujis and granny smiths! It was kind of nuts to carry 30 pounds of apples, knowing that's the exact amount of weight CC's lost (yay, CC!).

I know he loves me because he humors my need for apples!

Once we got home I made Ina's applesauce which is super delicious! I made it last year and wished for a second batch!

You mean you DON'T dry your apples in the dish drainer?!

I only made the one batch so far this year, but I'm fully prepared and expecting to make more, it's that good!

Sooooo good!

More appley goodness to come, I promise! I still have to fill you in on the fair and all the baking I'm doing- yay for Fall!

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