Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Appley Goodness (& Resulting Weight Gain)

I promised more appley-ness and here it is, though I'm sorry to say it's been so long in between posts. I hope you weren't waiting with baited breath or anything. :-)

I've tried several recipes and have been in a hard-core PinterTesting mood the last couple of weeks. I won't say we're sick of apples, but I will say that I gained a little poundage between all the baking I did (The State Fair *may* have played into that also.). The great news is that I have been working my butt off (even literally!) and am now under what I was before all this baking hit!

Here we go!

First I made Ina's famous applesauce, which I swear is amazing! I prefer it warm, surprisingly, but it's great cold too. I already told you about this one though. Pretty sure I'll be making another batch to freeze soon.

Then I made this Oat Apple Crisp, PinterTested for my no-blog friend, Jamie.

Oat Apple Crisp

Here's the link to the actual recipe if you prefer. I loved this a lot, but was disappointed how runny the 'goo' was- Hubby thought it was because I used 'light' butter. Could be, I don't know for sure, but it sounded right.

Meredith told me to make this (actual recipe here) immediately so I of course did. (She has great taste and style, so if she tells you to do something immediately, obey!)

Caramel Apple Bread

I liked it, but I think I overbaked it somewhat because I felt like the apples were overdone (ie-mushy) and the bread was dry. The caramel streusel topping I LOVED though- should've definitely added more caramel sauce to the layers! I didn't because I was using homemade caramel sauce (from making this recipe) which I wasn't particularly crazy about.

Caramel Apple Slices
 However, I didn't account for the sauce getting more caramelly in the oven-- sooooo yummy!

The last thing I've made so far has been my favorite by a long shot. Easy Apple Coffee Cake (recipe here) and boy it really was so easy! The hardest part for me personally was hunting all throughout my kitchen (and storage) trying to locate my bundt pan. Fortunately, I found it mixed in with the vases. (Not where you keep yours? Your kitchen must be much bigger than mine! ;-D )

My favorite by far- the Coffee Cake (upside down before the flip)

The apple coffee cake was so incredibly good that we each had one piece and then forced ourselves to take it to the worship and tech teams Sunday at church. I told everyone I could to eat it because it was NOT allowed to come home! Fortunately, folks ate it and liked it. One person I know ate four pieces! I REALLY want to make it again, but CC might not like that too much if we're *forced* to eat it again. What do you think, honey?

As you now know, we brought home A LOT of apples. Our fridge is still busting with the apples we have left, so I'm hoping to bake some more this weekend, but we'll see. Since I'm finally back on track weight-wise, I hate to bake again, but as a self-proclaimed baker, I think I kind of don't have a choice.

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Jan said...

Oh my word! Where in the world was my invitation to stop by for a tasting of all of these goodies. They all sound amazing!