Thursday, October 11, 2012

My First Ten On Ten!

Every month bloggie friends post ten pictures on the tenth day of the month. I LOVE seeing this snapshot of a typical day, and I always want to do it but I never remember on the actual tenth of the month. Well lucky for you, I finally remembered yesterday! Yay! Unfortunately for you, the tenth of October fell on a Wednesday, which is my longest, most stressful day of the workweek. Regardless, here we go...

Linking up for my first Ten on Ten here!

10am: Prepping to record sermons for the other campus (our multisite location)

11am: Sermon Recording #2- Andy's up!
1pm: Lunch with the boys after recording

2pm: Burning sermon DVDs as back-ups in case the digital sermons fail
3pm: Taking a walky break in the gorgeous Fall weather!
4pm: Getting in some wisdom
6pm: Prepping for Wednesday Night Life
7pm: Third sermon of the day!
8pm: Rehearsals for Sunday services
9-11pm: Rehearsal for the Night Of Prayer & Worship


Chris said...

I love seeing that!

Jacci said...

hey! how fun that this is your first 10 on 10 :) you took a fun set. thanks for sharing your day!

{cuppakim} said...

i like seeing the glimpse in your day to day! fun! :) also that lunch looks delish.

welcome to the 10 on 10 party!

forever folding laundry said...

i like your ten! :)
and it does look like a busy day.
i would like a little pasta salad in my life right now.

have a great weekend!