Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oh Sandy...

So the 'Superstorm Sandy' has been tearing up the East coast this week. Our state is pretty okay, except for the beaches getting ravaged, which we're used to around here. Hurricanes don't actually phase us that much, as long as you aren't stupid about it.

A lot of our friends who've moved here from the West coast hate the hurricanes and freak out about them, I guess since they aren't used to them. Hurricanes and tornadoes are pretty common on our side of the country.

Because of the storm though, we've had a LOT of wind, some rain and we hit winter quickly! Skipped right on past Autumn and into winter-coat-wearing-season! I think Fall's making a comeback starting tomorrow, but because it's been so dreary and cold, we've been hibernating a little bit this week.

Friday I had no plans (shocking, I know) and the day off, so I was able to actually be home and I spring cleaned the entire apartment. It was glorious- that one brief moment when everything is clean and shiny! We spent the weekend enjoying that moment, making Mexican Chicken Soup, which is my most favorite soup on the planet.

SO good!

I did find out the hard way I can no longer touch raw jalapenos, which in and of itself made me want to cry. But I got through it and the yumminess was totally worth the short-term pain (fire in my eye pain).

We spent lots of the weekend celebrating our friend Larry's birthday. That was a bunch of fun and craziness!

This week, we have candy to buy, more apples to use up (yes, they're still taking over the fridge), and exercising to do to make up for those first two. In upcoming fun news though, our Color Run 5k is coming up and we're getting excited (nervous-throw-up-kind-of-excited, but excited none the less)!

What's your week like?


{cuppakim} said...

Okay, I totalllllly want to be in that storm right now! I LOVE storms.

I am following a few people on twitter in NYC and nothing sounds more fun than holing up inside a tall building, eating, lighting candles, watching movies, etc.
Seriously. It would be my dream day/night. Hahah!

I want to fly out for the next frankenstorm!
And eat your soup. YUM!

I am so excited for you to do the color run too!!! :)

forever folding laundry said...

glad you guys escaped the worst of sandy.
she was a mean ole gal.
and your soup looks goooooooood.
i think one night this week will be
soup night.