Thursday, October 04, 2012


I haven't linked up with Jessica's PinterTest Kitchen in a little while, which personally makes me sad. I thought I'd finally remedy that today, and what better timing too, because it's the first birthday for the PinterTest Kitchen! Congrats, Jessica, on this super fun, get-to-know-other-blog-world-friends, opportunity!

For anyone who's been around me recently (like in the last few years), I've discovered that my taste buds have adapted to the awesomeness that is spicy food. The hotter the better, usually. I've discovered siracha, hot sauce, wing sauce, you name it. My favorite by far is anything covered and flavored with buffalo sauce. I could eat buffalo chicken all the time. When not eating Mexican food or coffee. Yes, because those are both my primary food groups. And chocolate, but I digress.

So I found this yummy looking pin for low-cal crockpot recipes and thought we could try that since they're MFP-friendly recipes. (Here's the link to the actual recipe since you have to dig for it a little bit.)

Doesn't this look sooo delicious?

Yeah, we thought so too, so we made them. To be honest, Hubby made them. I've told you before that CC is the cook in our home, which I am eternally grateful for. Although I can use a crockpot, it's nice when he does all the prep work and all I have to do is eat it!

I was especially grateful we tried this recipe AFTER having jerk tilapia the night before (now that was yummy! Pineapple-mango salsa from Whole Foods... yum...). It was good but stunk up the whole house like fish. Gross. So to come home to the house smelling not like gross fish, but like buffalo chicken goodness? Oh yes, I was stoked!

Wellllll.... the house kinda smelled good when I got home from work. It kind of looked good when I opened it up and peeked inside. It tasted okay but felt like it was missing something. I figured CC would need to 'doctor' it up a bit and add some more sauce to it when he got home. So I very (im)patiently waited. I was hungry after all.

He got home, doctored up the sauce, stuck it on the amazing Martin's potato rolls that should make ANYthing taste better, added lots more hot sauce, made some veggies to go with, totally decimated my clean kitchen to prepare this lovely meal, we got all settled at the coffee dining table and we each took our first bite.

And attempted to swallow... terrible! Hubby thought it had the taste and texture of canned tuna. I thought it was flavorless with the texture of smushy canned chicken. Poor CC proceeded to eat his anyway because he was having a blood sugar issue and had to eat. I (im)patiently waited for him to finish, whereupon he immediately grabbed the car keys and hit up Bojangle's to bring home dinner. (Bojangle's, by the way, was AMAZING!)

At least by the time he got back home, I'd been able to get the kitchen restored to its previously clean state, but what a sad turn of events. I call this a complete. Pinterest. failure.

Ah well, what're you gonna do? (besides obvs praising the Lord for fast food two seconds from your apartment)

Anyway, we're having people over tomorrow night for cards and dinner, so maybe I can pull together a Pinterest success to put this out of my head! A Fall/pumpkiny dessert seems pretty appropriate, I'm thinking... especially with apple picking and the state fair coming up in a couple weeks!

Linking up for the goodness that is the PinterTest Kitchen! Join us, won't you? This month you can win (or try to win, because it's totally gonna be me!) some fun goodies just for linking up!


Unknown said...

so sad it didn't taste good! The picture is certainly deceiving..I hope you find something yummy for your guests :)

{cuppakim} said...

this is the saddest pintertest ever. i totally love buffalo chicken, and would have been SO disappointed.

so sad!

i'm curious to see what you'll whip up next!

Jessica Johnson said...

I'm almost crying about this. Very sad and disappointing. PTL for Bojangle's. And tell CC thanks for Pintertesting. He should have guest posted.

katygirl said...

so sad. they look so amazing.

Margaret Harkin said...

I am very interested to hear more about this Bojangle's place. Bojangle's is a word I say when something just goes plain wrong. Like, "man, that buffalo chicken was just bojangles". So, a restaurant with that name sounds like it would be right up my alley...

Jules said...

I have had that canned tuna thing happen to chicken in my crock pot before too. It's soooooo gross. Tell Bojangles to come to California please.

Cinders said...

so disappointing! it looked SO good and easy to make!

thanks for suffering through so the rest of us would know to stay away!

Mindy said...

Bummer. But you'll never know unless you try, right?