Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Final Recap: Happy Day Project!

Well, I'm terribly late in updating you on how the rest of the Happy Day project went. I know you've been wondering and I hate to say it, but life got busy and I didn't keep up. I always feel awful when that happens, but I try not to guilt myself too much. After all, life happens to us all- I can't be the only one who started and then didn't finish.

Day 3: Treat someone.

Day 4: Blessings Bags

Day 5: Appreciate those in service.

Intentionally. I didn't consciously, intentionally finish.

Because not to toot my own horn, but because Jesus lives in me, He found opportunities for me to still participate, even while I wasn't realizing it. How amazing is that?!

Day 3:

The task was to treat someone. Be a blessing to another person. That was Wednesday and I had a coffee breakfast date with my friend, Blake. I hate saying this because it feels like I'm trying to puff myself up, and I'm not. I did buy her coffee. But to be honest, the church bought us both coffee. Which was a treat for us both. In fact, subtract out the coffee and it was still a treat because we spent a fun 45 minutes together! Which obviously made the rest of my Wednesday that much of a happy day. Always a good thing (Wednesdays tend to be rough because it's at least a twelve-hour day.).

Day 4:

Today was to give a blessing bag to someone in need. I've never officially made or given a blessing bag- a collection of everyday needed items (examples would include a toothbrush and toothpaste, socks, stuff like that) and a couple of fun things like chocolate. I've participated with Operation Christmas Child before and that's fun, but again, life got busy and there just wasn't time to get it done before the deadline came and went. So, to sum up, I didn't do this one.

What I will say about it though is that earlier last week we donated to the Raleigh Rescue Mission, remember? The rescue mission doesn't just feed our local homeless folks, they also give them shelter, clothes, 'blessing bags' in their own way, and help them on the road to finding jobs and homes. So I'm going to count that one twice. For now. Because I am still on the look-out for ways to help others.

Day 5:

Friday's project was to appreciate those in service.

Thankful for our super kind and helpful police force!

Obviously this was targeted to our military since Veterans' Day was this past Sunday/Monday. The reality is that though he's not the only military dude I know, my favorite military dude is my hard-core Marine commanding brother. Who is TERRIBLE at communication, which makes it ultra difficult to appreciate him from three hours away. So I didn't do this one.

Unless... Friday I made Ginger Sugar Cookies. Hannah made me do it. 

Sadly, I do not own this super cute bowl. It's a total fake. Which not everyone apparently knew.

I DO own super cute mason jars. A LOT of them. They are currently empty and cookie-less. I am sad.

And by MADE me do it, I mean that when I asked for the recipe along with her other ten trillion friends, she put it on her blog. Which, really, Hannah? That's just rude. Then I have to make them. And report them to MFP. All eight of them. EIGHT. I don't even like ginger. Well, I stand corrected- I like ginger in COOKIES. I ate eight cookies just on Friday. So obviously they had to go. (In my defense, I made them itty bitty like Hannah said to. Obey her- she knows what she's talking about.)

Couldn't ship these bad boys off to work- I was off for two days. Couldn't send them to work with Hubby- I made them while he was at work. CC came up with the genius idea to share them with the apartment office staff. So I took the Ginger Sugar Cookies to Ginger. For reals. We like to be literal. (Our apartment manager is Ginger, in case you're confused. She's super nice and does not smell like ginger, which I appreciate.)

Then we had more left. Yep, it made 51 cookies from one batch. We took the rest to church on Sunday and made them eat them shared them with the worship and tech teams. Not even crumbs were left, so I guess we ended up blessing others after all!

So there you go with the Happy Day recap. I hope to do better next year, but I figure if we're all focusing on others year-round instead of on ourselves, every day can be a happy day.

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Jan said...

LOVE all that you did and laughing that you took ginger cookies to Ginger. :) And, how did I not know you had so many mason jars?

Amy said...

Um, I love ginger and molasses! ;-) Those cookies are did awesome! For me, the beauty of this week is that you can file a few things away for later during the holidays or spread them out during the year. I beat myself up about it last year, but just went ahead and did everything the next week when I had my head on straight. So much better to do it with an open and kind heard, huh? I know you know all about that. ;-) Loved your recap! Hoped Miss Ginger enjoyed the ginger cookies! XO