Monday, November 05, 2012

The Happy Day Project Is Back!

Do you remember the Happy Day Project from last year? A full week of happy to bless others before the craziness of the Christmas season and all that that entails is upon us.

life rearranged

Well it's back! This week only (or whenever you want to bless someone else) we'll be blessing others either through an act of thought or service, or through giving to a related organization. Each day has something easy to do to participate AND you get a free printable every day! Super fun!

Here's a link to the deets. I'm going to participate and I sure hope you do too! If you're wondering if you even have the time, I'll let you know it's easier this year than last- five days' worth of happy instead of seven. Do one day or do all five. Extend it to ten if you're feeling extra happy.

Last year we shared sugary yummyness and water bottles on a hot day with our maintenance guys and office staff at the neighborhood. They loved it and talked about it for weeks! We helped a family raise money for medical expenses, shared our gratefulness with the military, and spread lots of happiness across the country. I can't wait to get started!

The happy details!

To that end, today is handwritten note day. Today I wrote a note to a person who's left our media team here at church. She's amazing, really good at it, and has such a huge heart to serve. She's taking some time off and I for one am feeling bittersweet about it. Of course we all need time off every now and then, so I'm glad she felt she could ask for it, but at the same time it means I won't see her as much as I am used to. She'll soon receive a happy note in the mail to let her know how loved and appreciated she is.

Write a note. Easy peasy. Linking up here!


B. said...

That was such a good choice to write a note to your friend - coworker! and I love the idea about sharing with the mantenance staff. You have such good ideas!!

Pamela said...

Loved your choice for mail. I wrote a note to a former school teacher this week. Brought back a lot of memories!