Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Run Away, Run Away, Run Away, Baby!

If you have ever lived in NC, you know that our weather is pretty inconsistent. This past weekend was no exception. Winter's traipsing along, with the hopeful eventual promise answerered prayer of snow, and then wham! Out of nowhere we're in the high 70 degree temps! And that is why I never put away my flip-flops; I have them available to me year-round, just in case. And now today, we're back down to our version of 'wintry weather.' Go figure.

This past weekend we had no plans and a beautiful Saturday, so we took off and ran away to the beach for the afternoon.

Apparently we weren't the only ones with that brilliant idea since traffic down there was CRAZY! We took a lunch detour...

...and had some yummy seafood, then headed for the beach. It was gorgeous! We walked for a while and turned around and walked back.

Stuck our toes in the frigid water and enjoyed just being away. It was bliss. A perfect moment God gave us in the midst of the crazy.

Day trips for us are always a blast. We connect, we reconnect, we catch up, we talk about minor things, we talk about major things. And we blast music and sing at the top of our lungs (this time to Chris Tomlin's new album, Burning Lights. For real, if you have not yet listened/bought/repeated hearing this album, go do it RIGHT NOW. I'll wait...).

We plan. We pray. Whatever we need, God works it out on road trips. We LOVE them. We do not like sitting still that long, but that's about it. For us, we'll take off when we get the chance. It's therapeutic for sure.

And it made for the perfect day. Just what was needed.


LauraC said...

The weather was CRAZY! We weren't even going to go to the beach this weekend but as soon as we saw the forecast, we decided to go.

Jan said...

What an exciting weekend! I love that you just decided to getaway. Good for you! Road trips are always a blast and time to connect/reconnect to our loved ones. :)

Chris said...

It was FANTASTIC wasn't it?