Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday Randomness

Well, I thought I'd share more randomness with you friends today! What better way to celebrate the possible hopeful first (and hopefully not last) snow flurries we might see tonight (if we stay up late enough to see it before it's gone Friday morning)?!

1. I cannot walk in heels. I dream one day of being able to look like a sassy chick walking around in them, instead of what actually happens. (Lots of clomping, which does not look cute or sassy)

2. I cannot live without Burt's Bees lip balm. Trust me, I've tried EVERYTHING and this is the best. How can you go wrong when it also freshens your breath? I like doubling up on productivity!

3. I have made lots of blog/insta/twitter friends over the last year or so, especially, and I have yet to meet one of them in person. This is kinda killing me, because I am dying to hang out with even one of you people! Just sayin'... this is the big one that's been on my mind constantly. Somebody has GOT to come here! Or pay for me to come see you- I'd be okay with that too! ;-)

4. Hubby got me addicted obsessed into kinda liking the Lego Friends at Christmas. There, I've admitted it. I like the girl Legos. I might have gone nuts with my Christmas money buying up all I could (sorry I didn't warn you to take out stock). Our poor future kids won't stand a chance to open a new toy- Mama and Daddy will have already amassed everything, especially Lego-related. Poor kids and their future hand-me-down toys... from their grown PARENTS. Yeah, that'll be us.

5. I don't often dress up and look super cute. This is because it already happens so rarely that people assume I'm going for an interview or that someone passed away and I'm attending the funeral. Not so encouraging when I feel like looking extra cute sometimes. I figure the more I dress up, the less people will think this. Unfortunately, we're currently averaging one funeral a week right now at work, so in fact, people are dying. Quite the conundrum.

6. I always say the wrong thing. I have horrible comedic timing so whenever I tell a story or a joke, it never ends well. I also forget important thoughts that string together the rest of what's in my head, so when I talk, it kinda comes out like a jumbled mess of random (thus this post). Poor CC is forever having to translate or explain what I'm actually saying. Fortunately for me, he's had a lifetime of translating and studying my native tongue (ha!).

7. I used to be a big extrovert and a pretty open book. I was what you might call an 'over-sharer.' Since hubby, I am still open but not with many folks, just really close friends and family. I have also turned into quite the introvert. CC had me take an introvert test and apparently most women are dominant on one side of their brains (I forget which), but I'm primarily the opposite, which tends to be the dominant male-side. I found that interesting.

What fun facts are stored up about you? I'd love to know more about you!

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