Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Toothpaste And Headlights

My car is old in car years. It was around for Y2k, people. In car years, it's Lazarus. They haven't made them in ten years; that's how old it is. But I love my car. I've had it almost as long as I've been married, which is saying a lot, especially since we bought it used. My beloved Malachi (as he's known to friends and family) has a lot of years and mileage on him, but he's overall a very good car.
Well, poor Malachi has been developing that cloudiness on his front eyeballs that older cars get and when I saw this pin, I knew I had to try it (Find the original link here.). I've been trying to get around to this particular PinterTest for months, but me being a lazy slacker, I finally waited until winter to do it. 'Cause that makes sense in my world. An unexpectedly gorgeous day and I'm home early? Let's rub some toothpaste on the car and see how it goes!

So here's the before for you...

Please ignore the bird poop. I was not about to clean that!

And here's the after!

Again, pretend you don't see bird poop.

Super easy and it basically works! Malachi's cataracts are still there, but way better than they were, and that's good enough for me. The real test will be after my long work day tomorrow to see how much better at night (in the dark) I can see, but for the tiny bit of effort I put into it, I am pleased.

So here's the quick process that I did. The pin didn't seem detailed enough for me, so I made it up as I went (Directions?! Who needs directions?!).

I traipsed outside with a spray water bottle, some old dishtowels I didn't mind dirtying, some Crest (because I'm a Colgate girl), and I did take a toothbrush out with me just in case I needed help with the scrubbing (I ended up not needing it at all.).

I sprayed water and dried the lights off first just to get the base level of grime off, then put the toothpaste on the light (the more the better, but I just had a travel sample tube), and scrub-a-dub-dubbed with the towel. Then I sprayed again and dried again. So easy.

So easy I went and did Hubby's too, even though his car isn't quite old enough for cataracts yet.

The before...

Here, I'd already rinsed off his left headlight, but this is before the toothpaste application. (His right headlight is the real before.)

The after! (Sorry, it was really sunny out so it's kind of hard to tell, especially with his car.)

Overall I'm pleased, and I'm calling this PinterTest a success! Yay!


Chris said...

Thanks for cleaning mine too!

Jan said...

So impressed!!! Am keeping this in mind! Thanks!

Meredith said...

Awesome! I saw this on Pinterest before and was going to try it out on my Echo last fall...and then I rear ended someone and had to have the headlights replaced! I guess that's one way to get shiny headlights! :)