Wednesday, February 27, 2013


So we've been in what feels like limbo for a while now: job stuff, promotions (or lack thereof), raises, getting out of debt, being healthy finally, and on and on it goes... you know how it is... you get frustrated... if you're like me, you tend to doubt what God's best is... you're confused, what have you.

I was catching up on some fun blog reading this morning when God walloped me upside my head, courtesy of my fancy friend, Hannah. (She's amazing. If you aren't following her yet, you are certainly missing out.)

Anyway, she was going on about the little accomplishments that are actually really big moments with her cutie pie son, Elijah, and then this happened:

"and for you. i ought to be cooking dinner, but needed to tell you.

that thing you're waiting on? i know waiting is difficult. but take heart tonight. the lover of your soul has something good in store for you. it's probably not what you're envisioning, but it's good for you. he knows what we need and exactly when we need it. make a decision with me. this moment is for trusting him, with our futures unknown. with our dreams and hopes. decide now that you'll praise him no matter what. and if your circumstance seems unchanged, trust him. you can grow in grace, in special fellowship that's richer during waiting. keep your face toward him, i suspect he may bless you with little glimmers of his love that will lift your heart and put a song on your lips. snake snacks and orange lollipops are not what i would have asked for, but they were timely and perfect."
Well alright, then.
(The entire post may be found here.)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hubby Update!

Hi everybody!

Things are very slowly getting back to normal around here... Hubby's surgery went well on Friday (He had his wisdom teeth out, in case you didn't know.), and he's been very good with taking his time getting back into the swing of things.

Pain Med Moderator!
LOTS of Edy's!

Since we were stuck at home, we got to enjoy the tiny amount of snow we got
Be warned: They're back people!!!
I tackled this recipe while CC slept off his Percocet...

... And they turned out pretty great, if I say so myself!
But mostly we did a lot of this...

My cold turned out to be a sinus infection, and possibly strep, which wasn't fun, but now that I'm drugged up, we should be good to go!

And just in time too, since CC's brother and sister-in-law are coming to town this weekend! Woohoo! We adore them and can't wait to see them!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Oh Wisdom!

By the time you read this, CC will have lost almost all the wisdom (teeth) in his head. Please join me in praying for a quick and speedy recovery for him (and sanity for me as I care for him!).

I am fully expecting a very lazy, low-key weekend of recovery and pain meds.

Thank you, friends!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Love Day To You!

Happy Love Day, friends! I enjoy celebrating all the happy relationships in my life on this special day, not just the coupley-kind. I am so grateful to the bloggie community I'm blessed to be a part of, which obviously includes YOU! Thanks for being here!

Yesterday was an emotionally grueling day for me, not to mention the fact that I'm apparently starting to get worse, not healthier. Add to that a typically long day at work, and I came home pretty burnt out. CC had yet another work dinner at some fancy, yummy place last night, so I actually beat him home.

When he finally got home, guess what he had with him?

They're even more gorgeous in person!
NOT Valentine's Day flowers, but Just Because flowers! Yet another reason why I love this man so much!

Don't you wish that as adults we could still make the Valentine's mailbox, stick it on the corner of our desk, and give and receive valentines all day long? Eat the red and pink candy and enjoy the fact that you're with people you care about (or at least sit next to all day)? I wish we could still do that.

But then there's the part of me that doesn't like the expectation of it all. I refused to wear my heart sweater today (since it would be expected) and wore my favorite sweatshirt instead. (Sometimes I feel like Jekyll and Hyde when it comes to things like this!) I don't like the pressure we all feel to be SURE everyone knows they're loved on this one day. If I'm showing Jesus right, everyone should feel loved every day throughout the year, you know? Hmm.

Anyway, while I'm figuring that out, I'll still enjoy my roses and the people I'm surrounded by, both virtually and physically in the every day life.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Please Send A DeGerming Bomb Stat!

I will be so thrilled when February's over. For such a short month, it's sure giving us a good wallop.

CC had a really bad cold for the last couple weeks, on and off and just gradually getting worse. Then this past weekend, I came down with the nastiest cold I've had for a long while. Which stinks when you realize I had a bad cold around the holidays. Boo.

This past weekend, there was a lot of laying around...
... being lazy...

... and lots of puppy torture!
On top of this, we're finally sort of starting to feel more human and on Friday, Hubby's wisdom teeth are getting yanked. All four and a half of them. He actually has five and a half, but I guess they think it's good for him to have a little wisdom still there! It'll turn out to be quite a good thing, since in the end, they need to come out, he'll feel so much better long-term, and in the end, we'll make money on the surgery.

But there's the other tough thing we're dealing with. Insurance is a blessing and a curse. We have the privilege of paying up front for the surgery on Friday, and then waiting and waiting for all the insurance claims to happen and then we'll finally get the money back. Crazy. I feel like I'm complaining but it's really not that bad.

The awesome thing is we have the money in cash to pay up front. We couldn't have done that not that long ago, but praise the Lord we can now! The frustrating part is that as you know, we've been trying to pay our student loans off early (which is our very last debt that we have), and it's not looking like it's going to happen. At least not by our May anniversary date, which we were hoping for. It still could happen, if that's what God wants, but I think at this point I'll be happy when our debt's done in August.

All this to say, if someone could come set off a disinfectant bomb in our apartment, I think we'll be good to go. We just need to get healthy and stay that way!

Thanks to everyone who was so encouraging with my last post. You totally made my day and made CC's day with your happy comments. You make the journey that much more enjoyable and it's appreciated.

How's February going for you?

Friday, February 08, 2013

Healthy Update & Rambling

So it's been on my mind a lot lately to share what's been going on. Obviously I've often alluded to MyFitnessPal (MFP) and I've been running again. All good stuff, but since I think most folks who read my blog don't see me on a regular basis, I thought I'd share what's been going on.

I am overweight. I have been since I ballooned in college and I regret this pretty often. I knew what to do but, just like getting into debt, I chose the lazy, slacker way out. The problem with doing this is it's not a way out, I was just digging a deeper hole.

Happy because of who I'm with, but not happy with myself
I've been married over ten very happy years, and throughout that time, I've tried MANY different things trying to get healthy and lose weight. Weight Watchers umpteen-thousand times, portion control, doing it on my own, eating the same but exercising, blah blah blah. I even tried Atkins last year for four and a half days (I hate that it makes your house smell like meat ALL the time! I couldn't take it anymore.).

Well about this time after Atkins last year, I took a break from it all. I couldn't deal with the feelings of failure and the constant grossness I felt. I wasn't happy with myself, which created more issues for me.

Now before I go on, I must say here that I am only speaking for me and no one else. I just feel that since this is a constant in my life at the moment, it'd be nice to update you all, and put it here on my bloggie since it's a peek into what my life is like at any given moment. I hope you don't read this and somehow feel judged. I hope you don't read this and feel any better than me. I only hope you read this and see how God has been moving in my life and give all glory for it to Him.

Okay, so last summer, my inspiring friend, Meredith, and another no-blog inspiring friend, Raquel, introduced me to MFP. I signed up for it and tried it for a few days and was like, ugh. Who wants to do this?! But around the 4th of July, I ended up reading Candace Cameron Bure's book, which totally changed everything for me (I strongly recommend this book, by the way.). By I think page eight, I realized that food had replaced God on the throne of my heart.

You see, I took pride in the fact that I'm a big foodie. Who ever thought a poor girl from the projects would be so blessed (hear that? foolish Susie.) to be where she lives, with the amazing husband she has, working for the awesome church she does, getting gourmet food magazines, watching food shows on cable, and being able to afford to make these amazing things?! (Turned out to be a huge sin issue.) Once I realized that, of course, I could do nothing but confess and get right about it. Around this time, Hubby decided he was ready to join me on this journey and I restarted using MFP for real.

Our first 5k together; Hubby's first 5k ever!
The jist is this: 35 pounds later for me, I feel like I did in high school, in terms of energy levels and how my face looks. I still have a ways to go in my mind, and I still feel in my head like I'm obese, but in truth, I'm not and I'm learning that if I'm pursuing the healthy path the Lord has for me, then I'm being obedient.

I still have hard moments, lots of them. I do love to bake, after all! But overall, MFP has been the best thing for me. I understand this may not be the best method for everyone, but I for one have found it to be what works. I do not feel deprived- in fact, I feel like I get more treats this way, with none of the guilt. I have always felt more obedient to God when I've been pursuing healthy exercise, namely running, and I've been doing that too. So I've been trying to be obedient is all it really boils down to.

October 2012- Holding apples representing the weight loss so far
Thanksgiving weekend- Hubby has this photo on his iPhone's lock screen
I love talking to anyone I can about this though. Because God is amazing and it's all for His glory. I've been at a plateau for the past three weeks, but I just keep chugging along because I know it's an issue of obedience, and the weight loss is just major bonus.

Kinda looks like a happy mug shot! (last week)

CC hit a major milestone of his own this week, and I'm so proud of him for doing this with me. It's brought us closer and that's always a good thing. One thing that makes me super happy is that we don't just hang out all the time on the couch in front of the TV anymore. We still relax that way often, but it's not all we do. We go for walks, we go OUT. We just get out of the house. I love that!

I had more to share and of course, I can't think of it now. I hate when that happens. But if you have questions or want to talk about this more, feel free to let me know (Make sure I have your email or a way to contact you! Those noreply-blogger emails in the comments section bug the snot out of me because I can't respond to you.). I'm sure you'll be hearing from me more just because it's a natural part of my daily life now, but at least you've been updated!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

PinterTesting Once More!

Hello bloggie friends!

It's been a while since I posted my PinterTests but I've been busy!

Here's what I've been up to lately (besides pinning more and more and more and more pins...)!

Toothpaste And Headlights

Small Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies

What've been your latest PinterTest successes and failures? Help me know what to focus on and what to unpin!

I'm linking up with Jessica's PinterTest Kitchen today; come join me!

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Office Shenanigans

So it's a normal Tuesday here at work. My weekly meeting was cancelled today so I've had some extra time to clean and reorganize several things.

It wouldn't be right if I didn't come across a couple of oddities...

You mean you don't fake out the church folk with fake birds?!

Diggin' the disco at lunchtime!
We runners like to get all official when retiring our latest running shoes.

Monday, February 04, 2013

So I Didn't Get Beat Up From 3,000 Miles Away

The Super Bowl was yesterday, in case you avoid all social media, friends, family, TV, and going out in public. I never pay attention until the two teams have been chosen and then I arbitrarily decide who to root for. This year was the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers. I decided to pull for the 49ers this year to avoid having all my Cali friends beating on me from the other side of the country.

Unfortunately, we lost. Boo. I neglected to remember and mention to said Cali friends that in all my years of watching the Super Bowl, I think I've only ended up cheering for a winning team once. Oops. Sorry about that, y'all.

Anyhoo, we ended up going VERY low-key this year. We stayed home and had some dear friends of ours come over and hang out with their baby girl. It was pretty fun and we had lots of good food.

We're all doing the low-cal thing but decided to enjoy a mix of healthy and unhealthy foods during the game. We had lots of chips and dips and salsas, which was fun. I am heartbroken to say that my traditional mexican layer dip recipe has gone MIA so this was the first year in about seven or so years that I didn't get the proper mexican dip fix during the game. It was sad. I'm still sad.

However, CC tried to cheer me up with homemade wings (baked) and pizza. Both were AMAZING! We've never made wings before at home, much less healthy ones, but he rocked it out and left us begging for more. Sadly, we ran out of chicken, but now we know better for next time. I don't think the recipe's online yet, but it's in the third Cook This Not That cookbook that we just got last week. We tried regular buffalo and the honey chipotle versions and both rocked my socks. In fact, maybe I can talk Hubby into making them again for dinner one night this week. Delicious!

How do you decide who to root for? I've been known to choose the under dog, choose by uniform color, choose by backstory of a player, choose because the team's already winning, choose because the team's already losing, and the list goes on and on...

I must say, our very favorite part of Super Bowl Sunday is the Puppy Bowl! Yep, that awesome 'game' on Animal Planet that precedes the actual game (Basically, the gist is they stick adorable puppies in a contained space for two hours and we watch them play. Sounds boring, but actually it's pretty fun!). Scout loves it and we tape it for her every year.

Checking out the hedgehog cheerleaders
We sure get some mileage out of it! Watching the Puppy Bowl can wear her out same as actually playing with her, but just as entertaining, since she gets all into it.