Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Love Day To You!

Happy Love Day, friends! I enjoy celebrating all the happy relationships in my life on this special day, not just the coupley-kind. I am so grateful to the bloggie community I'm blessed to be a part of, which obviously includes YOU! Thanks for being here!

Yesterday was an emotionally grueling day for me, not to mention the fact that I'm apparently starting to get worse, not healthier. Add to that a typically long day at work, and I came home pretty burnt out. CC had yet another work dinner at some fancy, yummy place last night, so I actually beat him home.

When he finally got home, guess what he had with him?

They're even more gorgeous in person!
NOT Valentine's Day flowers, but Just Because flowers! Yet another reason why I love this man so much!

Don't you wish that as adults we could still make the Valentine's mailbox, stick it on the corner of our desk, and give and receive valentines all day long? Eat the red and pink candy and enjoy the fact that you're with people you care about (or at least sit next to all day)? I wish we could still do that.

But then there's the part of me that doesn't like the expectation of it all. I refused to wear my heart sweater today (since it would be expected) and wore my favorite sweatshirt instead. (Sometimes I feel like Jekyll and Hyde when it comes to things like this!) I don't like the pressure we all feel to be SURE everyone knows they're loved on this one day. If I'm showing Jesus right, everyone should feel loved every day throughout the year, you know? Hmm.

Anyway, while I'm figuring that out, I'll still enjoy my roses and the people I'm surrounded by, both virtually and physically in the every day life.

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Jan said...

Beautiful flowers!!! Love that they're "just because" flowers too. So many brownie points hubby just gained. :)

I LOVE your idea and totally wish we could still make Valentine's boxes and hand them out to all our friends (and receive them). :) I lived through Brody this year. He created a box at school and I had to create Valentine's for him to hand out. I had a blast seeing the Valentine's he got in return (it's somewhat close, but not quite the same). :)

I absolutely LOVE your saying about people feeling love each day if we're demonstrating Christ's love to one another. That's so true! You really should write a book of awesome quotes like that. You have a lot of great "nuggets" you come up with that are life changing. Just sayin'.