Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Please Send A DeGerming Bomb Stat!

I will be so thrilled when February's over. For such a short month, it's sure giving us a good wallop.

CC had a really bad cold for the last couple weeks, on and off and just gradually getting worse. Then this past weekend, I came down with the nastiest cold I've had for a long while. Which stinks when you realize I had a bad cold around the holidays. Boo.

This past weekend, there was a lot of laying around...
... being lazy...

... and lots of puppy torture!
On top of this, we're finally sort of starting to feel more human and on Friday, Hubby's wisdom teeth are getting yanked. All four and a half of them. He actually has five and a half, but I guess they think it's good for him to have a little wisdom still there! It'll turn out to be quite a good thing, since in the end, they need to come out, he'll feel so much better long-term, and in the end, we'll make money on the surgery.

But there's the other tough thing we're dealing with. Insurance is a blessing and a curse. We have the privilege of paying up front for the surgery on Friday, and then waiting and waiting for all the insurance claims to happen and then we'll finally get the money back. Crazy. I feel like I'm complaining but it's really not that bad.

The awesome thing is we have the money in cash to pay up front. We couldn't have done that not that long ago, but praise the Lord we can now! The frustrating part is that as you know, we've been trying to pay our student loans off early (which is our very last debt that we have), and it's not looking like it's going to happen. At least not by our May anniversary date, which we were hoping for. It still could happen, if that's what God wants, but I think at this point I'll be happy when our debt's done in August.

All this to say, if someone could come set off a disinfectant bomb in our apartment, I think we'll be good to go. We just need to get healthy and stay that way!

Thanks to everyone who was so encouraging with my last post. You totally made my day and made CC's day with your happy comments. You make the journey that much more enjoyable and it's appreciated.

How's February going for you?

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