Monday, February 04, 2013

So I Didn't Get Beat Up From 3,000 Miles Away

The Super Bowl was yesterday, in case you avoid all social media, friends, family, TV, and going out in public. I never pay attention until the two teams have been chosen and then I arbitrarily decide who to root for. This year was the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers. I decided to pull for the 49ers this year to avoid having all my Cali friends beating on me from the other side of the country.

Unfortunately, we lost. Boo. I neglected to remember and mention to said Cali friends that in all my years of watching the Super Bowl, I think I've only ended up cheering for a winning team once. Oops. Sorry about that, y'all.

Anyhoo, we ended up going VERY low-key this year. We stayed home and had some dear friends of ours come over and hang out with their baby girl. It was pretty fun and we had lots of good food.

We're all doing the low-cal thing but decided to enjoy a mix of healthy and unhealthy foods during the game. We had lots of chips and dips and salsas, which was fun. I am heartbroken to say that my traditional mexican layer dip recipe has gone MIA so this was the first year in about seven or so years that I didn't get the proper mexican dip fix during the game. It was sad. I'm still sad.

However, CC tried to cheer me up with homemade wings (baked) and pizza. Both were AMAZING! We've never made wings before at home, much less healthy ones, but he rocked it out and left us begging for more. Sadly, we ran out of chicken, but now we know better for next time. I don't think the recipe's online yet, but it's in the third Cook This Not That cookbook that we just got last week. We tried regular buffalo and the honey chipotle versions and both rocked my socks. In fact, maybe I can talk Hubby into making them again for dinner one night this week. Delicious!

How do you decide who to root for? I've been known to choose the under dog, choose by uniform color, choose by backstory of a player, choose because the team's already winning, choose because the team's already losing, and the list goes on and on...

I must say, our very favorite part of Super Bowl Sunday is the Puppy Bowl! Yep, that awesome 'game' on Animal Planet that precedes the actual game (Basically, the gist is they stick adorable puppies in a contained space for two hours and we watch them play. Sounds boring, but actually it's pretty fun!). Scout loves it and we tape it for her every year.

Checking out the hedgehog cheerleaders
We sure get some mileage out of it! Watching the Puppy Bowl can wear her out same as actually playing with her, but just as entertaining, since she gets all into it.

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{cuppakim} said...

hilarious. adorable.
we thank you for your fanship. :)
sorry we couldn't give you that W and break your streak.

as for the puppy bowl, OMG cuteness.
mylie LOVES hedgies. well, LOVED. she stress destroyed one during the game yesterday.