Thursday, March 28, 2013

Silent Saturday

As you may know, Good Friday and Easter Sunday are coming up. But what do you do with Saturday? Or as I'm calling it, Silent Saturday?

I stumbled across this article yesterday and thought it was good. I encourage you to check it out.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hoppy Hoppers Everywhere!

CC's parental units, aka Mom & Dad, were in town to raise support (They're missionaries.) and see friends. They were here for two weeks- the longest they've ever stayed with us. Then they stayed an extra night to avoid driving through snowy mountains on their way home.

How amazing that the visit passed in a blur and nobody tried to kill anyone else? In fact, we wished for MORE time with them! They're pretty amazing and we both love them dearly.

We played a lot of cards. The girls held on to bragging rights until next time!

So silly. Apparently basketball was on? Something about Madness sounds accurate.

Hubby and I enjoyed our one gorgeous day

Lots of sleepy Schnoodle love

Fancy schmancy dinner at The Pit with these cutie pies

Because of course.

No visit is complete with a Trader Joe's run!

More cards... more Schnoodle love.

Somebody's ready for Vegas!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The History Of Worship

A couple weeks ago a group of our church staff went to Oklahoma for the Seeds Conference. They came back talking about this part of the conference and it's finally online for us all to enjoy!

So much awesome.

SeedsConf 2013 - The History of Worship from Church on the Move on Vimeo.

Monday, March 25, 2013

5k Recap: ChickfilA's Ella's Race

Getting prepped!
This past Saturday, we did our first ChickfilA race, called Ella's Race, here in town. The cause and where the proceeds go are always important factors to me for what race I choose to do. Ella's Race was in honor of a little girl who died from a pediatric brain tumor. Hearbreaking, but right up our alley since Hubby had a brain tumor as a teenager.

Ready to run!
Saturday morning was COLD. But praise the Lord, it wasn't cold AND rainy! I knew the route would be more hilly than I'm used to which concerned me a little bit, but fortunately our friend, Krista, and I had driven the route Friday afternoon and it wasn't as bad as I'd built it up to be in my head.

For me the most difficult thing, probably, was that I ended up not getting but about three hours of sleep the night before. No clue why- normally I sleep fine before a race, but not this time. Praise Jesus for pure adrenaline!

We arrived, met up with Krista, and were freezing to death when who should come out of the crowd but my super-cool boss, David, who was doing the 10k! It was fun to finally be in the same race as him, since I compare notes and pick his brain for running tips all the time. He forgot we were doing this particular race and he didn't know he was running in it until Friday night when his also-amazing wife signed him up. Haha!

Classic David
One thing that I thought was REALLY cool before the run started is that the owner/manager of the ChickfilA had someone pray to start us off. Even with the other 5ks where ministries and churches have been involved, no one's prayed for everyone as we began. I found that really neat and such an encouragement! That girl could pray too- she prayed for strength, endurance, and stamina that we would be able to finish well. Exactly what I was wanting!

We all started off okay, and I'll admit I was concerned because I couldn't feel my feet the first half of the race or so. They were pretty frozen-feeling! Fortunately, they started to thaw and I didn't have issues after that.

My personal goal was to run the entire thing if possible. As much as I run, I'd yet to run an entire official 5k. Add to that the fact that I've been inside on the treadmill all winter, and at this point, I just wanted to finish! We'd decided too, assuming I'd finish first since I was the most experienced, that after I'd finished, I'd come back to help Krista cross the finish line. (This was hubby's first officially timed race and Krista's first race too!)

The only bummer was the dumb cow mascot halfway through the route that kept walking in front of my path while I was running. He wanted to high five everyone which is annoyingly fine, but dude, get out of my way. Whatever.

Well, I did walk some especially on the second half, but I did mostly run which made me happy. In addition to that, as soon as I crossed the finish line, I ran back around to find CC and Krista. I found CC who was not far behind me and passed him. However, I found Krista and realized I could see CC finish and still support Krista, so I ran back UP the awful hill to watch Hubby finish his race (a special moment for me!). Krista wasn't far behind him, so I raced back to help her finish. All in all, I probably ran an extra half mile or so, which was cool.

We all finished well (under our personal goals) and were able to be a little fan club for David, who came in from his 10k about 10-15 minutes behind us. My goal was to finish under 45:00, since I did that at my last 5k. I finished with a 39:09 time! Hubby's goal was to finish and come in under 50:00- he came in at 43:10! Krista's goal was to finish under an hour, and she came in around 47:00! Yay us!

Yeah, baby! 39:09, my best official 5k time so far!
Tradition for us so far has been to hit up a ChickfilA after a race for breakfast (I can't run with any food on my stomach, so I'm usually starving!). How fun that we were already at a ChickfilA! AND, they had free food for us after! What a cool thing! This was my first race that had real food for the runners afterward and let me tell you, we were super grateful!

Overall, we had a blast and I'm already excited to get going and signed up for our next race! If you're ever able to do a ChickfilA sponsored race, I encourage you to do so. It was well organized and just so much fun!

Big smiles all around!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Packet Pick-up Day!

Today I'm picking up our race packets for our 5k tomorrow! We're really excited and a little bit scared since the route is our first uber-hilly run.

Since it's a ChickfilA race though, I'm most excited about the chicken biscuit I'll be eating after the race! (My priorities are straight, aren't they?)

If and when you run, do you eat or drink anything before you do it? If so, what? I usually can't run with much in my stomach- if anything, I'll have a couple sips of orange juice, but anything else causes that classic stitch in my side that I abhor.

Do you have any tips or tricks I should know about? I ask since a lot of you out there are runners, and oh so inspiring to me!

The weather forecast is currently calling for coldish temps and rain, which I'm not thrilled about. I don't mind running in light rain, but I'd rather my only obstacle be the hills and not hills AND rain tomorrow.

Wish us luck! I can't wait to share with you how it goes!

Also, a big happy TENTH anniversary to my BIL and SIL, Dave & Merrill! Love you guys!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Love For Mr. Rogers

CC posted this video on facebook and twitter this afternoon and I immediately had to watch it.

My love for Mr. Rogers is nothing new- while almost every other kid I knew grew up watching Sesame Street, I was watching Mr. Rogers. I played his records on my Fisher Price beige record player, adored him, and hated the puppets (Am I the only one that found the prince a little freaky to look at?!).

To this day I have a special affection for him and his show, so I thought watching this video would be fun. I love that he was such a genuinely loving and caring guy both on and off screen.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Amazingness

In a last-minute twist, Hubby and I got yesterday to ourselves- no working, just worship.

We slept in, I got to walk Scout during daylight at 9am not at 6am, we ate breakfast at home in a relaxed manner, attended church at 11 (and got to sit together for the entire service without me running around working!), and had lunch with our friends after the service while not being completely worn out. A huge blessing!

Because I was off work yesterday, the weekend was a little bit sweeter since the entire weekend turned out to be plan-free (and the weather was not too shabby!). We relaxed, we read magazines, we ate at our favorite Mexican place (GONZA!!), and just enjoyed being together. All before Sunday's awesomeness!

I love weekends like that!

This week the weather is depressing and cold and dreary. Which is sad because my fake tan is happening and my cute little sundresses are dying to be worn. Instead, the fun is being had in planning future sunny days off and trips that may or may not be taken. Half the fun to me is the planning!

What's God been blessing you with lately? What's your week shaping up to be?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fake Tans & Flip-Flops

I am cold. I have been cold since September. I will be cold until May, at the rate I'm going. Once I get cold, I do not thaw out for months. I've been this way since high school and apparently that's not changing any time soon.

The irony is that I adore Fall and Winter, and the (usually fruitless) promise of snowy weather that that brings. I love bundling up in scarves, gloves, jackets (hoodies!!!!), and coats. I love drinking hot cocoa and eating hot apple pies and mexican chicken soup. It's my most favoritest.

That being said, we keep getting hints of Spring around here and for once, I cannot wait! I love living in flip-flops and this year, I think I'll finally be comfortable enough in my own skin to rock some shorts (I know, I'm a brave woman, living on the edge!). I've even already got a couple sundresses ready to go! I'm really excited that 5k season is back and workouts can happen outside and not inside on the boring treadmill. Woohoo!

This Saturday is our first Saturday in what seems like forever that we have no plans. No plans on a sunny, 73 degree day?! Yes, please!! You better believe I'll be rocking some toenail paint and my fake-tan-that-hopefully-looks-real-and-less-Casper-like skin. Iced mochas to celebrate sunglass season? Sign me up!

What've you got going on this weekend? Will it be warmer where you are? What're you looking forward to this Spring?

A sneaky peek of Spring to come!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Mom & Dad Are Almost Here!

I love my in-laws. Adore them. Always have, always will. After all, you stay eternally loyal to those who loved you through your most dorkiest years, right?

I'm really excited because they arrive tonight and are here for TWO weeks! It's their longest visit staying with us but we're all looking forward to it. They'll be super busy raising support (they're missionaries based in Texas), so we won't see them much at all. Except to have fun together and play Hand & Foot (a card game similar to Canasta). I can't wait!!!

The only slight, teensy weensiest of bummers is that once Hubby and I got well a few weeks ago, we've hit the ground running and haven't stopped yet. Which means that we're tired. Before Mom and Dad even get here. Boo.

So to that end, I'm leaving work early today to get in a little 'me time.' Except it won't be just me having some down time, because I need to get home to finalize those last minute things before guests arrive, AND have to kick booty on the treadmill for a bit. Or better yet, since it's finally approaching 60 degrees outside, I may have to try a run outside in the pretty sunshine!

Either way, it'll be a great time of relaxing before his parents arrive, and that should work out just fine!

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Shaking My Head....

I am just shaking my head right now.

It's so amazing to me how much I freak out about stuff that turns out to be nothing to stress over. God is so good to me; I never deserve it.

Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Dirty To Clean

Last week Hubby thoughtfully sent me a link to directions on how to really clean your washing machine. After I got his not-so-subtle hint email, I checked it out and actually did it on Friday afternoon. (I don't work on Fridays, so it was the perfect opportunity.)

I've tried the pin on Pinterest multiple times about how to clean your towels and get them all new and fresh-smelling. It worked for me at first, but then after a couple times, my towels still smelled funky. I think it's because I also needed to clean the washer itself. My first load after this was the towel/underwear load, and they came out smelling wonderfully fresh (the towels- I didn't smell the underwear, for the record).

Warning: You are about to see grotesque imagery of our 11-year-old washer. I am attempting to share this to dispel the shame I felt upon cleaning said washer. (Okay, not a lot of shame, but boy, this is a bit embarassing!)

The gist of the directions is that it does take a couple hours in total, but it's very easy to do. I enjoy seeing dirty change to clean so I was the weirdo that had a lot of fun during this transformation.

The before- our laundry 'room' (see all the vinegar there in the corner? I hit up BJ's to be sure I had enough.)

Basically you just need a toothbrush, a microfiber cloth, a clean dry cloth (I used a dishtowel), a bunch of white vinegar, and a bunch of baking soda. And obviously the washer and some water.

I'd just begun and was disgusted at how much debris was on the lid. Just the lid, people! Can you see it clean in the top corner and then all the dirtiness? Eewwww!

First you put the wash cycle on the hottest, highest load you can with a quart of vinegar. After it's filled up, you add a cup of baking soda and let it agitate for a minute. Then you let it sit for an hour while you use the mixture in the tub to scrub all over the machine and get it good and clean (and the water gets N-A-S-T-Y).

Gross! This did not just wipe off, friends. I had to scrub it with the toothbrush and then wipe it off. Surprisingly, you can get all the way back there around the wash tub and clean there too.
I can't even talk about this one. Just wrong.

More wrong.
Just look at that nasty water! Ugh!

Once the first washer cycle is done, run a second (hot, big) cycle with just the same amount of vinegar again. This gets the little bit of dust and debris from the first cycle and sends it on its way.

Then you take 'the vinegar solution' (never could figure that one out so I just did one part vinegar to one part water), and wipe everything inside down again.

Disclaimer: I read the comments on the post trying to figure out the vinegar solution and never found it, but the meanies on there aren't worth your time. Save yourself from reading them.

Dry with the clean cloth and leave the lid up to finalize the drying process. Your house might smell weird, like vinegar, for a while, but trust me, it's totally worth it! Just look at my almost new eleven-year-old washer!

Ta da!

It's beautimous! So worth the little bit of effort I put it into it, and just in time too, because the in-laws arrive in a week! You bet I can't wait to show them my handiwork! I was so impressed I went and pinned it so I never forget the link.

On Thursday, I'll be linking up with Jessica's PinterTest Kitchen! It's not too late to join us- just test out a pin on Pinterest and blog about it. Was it a success or a failure- let us know!