Monday, March 25, 2013

5k Recap: ChickfilA's Ella's Race

Getting prepped!
This past Saturday, we did our first ChickfilA race, called Ella's Race, here in town. The cause and where the proceeds go are always important factors to me for what race I choose to do. Ella's Race was in honor of a little girl who died from a pediatric brain tumor. Hearbreaking, but right up our alley since Hubby had a brain tumor as a teenager.

Ready to run!
Saturday morning was COLD. But praise the Lord, it wasn't cold AND rainy! I knew the route would be more hilly than I'm used to which concerned me a little bit, but fortunately our friend, Krista, and I had driven the route Friday afternoon and it wasn't as bad as I'd built it up to be in my head.

For me the most difficult thing, probably, was that I ended up not getting but about three hours of sleep the night before. No clue why- normally I sleep fine before a race, but not this time. Praise Jesus for pure adrenaline!

We arrived, met up with Krista, and were freezing to death when who should come out of the crowd but my super-cool boss, David, who was doing the 10k! It was fun to finally be in the same race as him, since I compare notes and pick his brain for running tips all the time. He forgot we were doing this particular race and he didn't know he was running in it until Friday night when his also-amazing wife signed him up. Haha!

Classic David
One thing that I thought was REALLY cool before the run started is that the owner/manager of the ChickfilA had someone pray to start us off. Even with the other 5ks where ministries and churches have been involved, no one's prayed for everyone as we began. I found that really neat and such an encouragement! That girl could pray too- she prayed for strength, endurance, and stamina that we would be able to finish well. Exactly what I was wanting!

We all started off okay, and I'll admit I was concerned because I couldn't feel my feet the first half of the race or so. They were pretty frozen-feeling! Fortunately, they started to thaw and I didn't have issues after that.

My personal goal was to run the entire thing if possible. As much as I run, I'd yet to run an entire official 5k. Add to that the fact that I've been inside on the treadmill all winter, and at this point, I just wanted to finish! We'd decided too, assuming I'd finish first since I was the most experienced, that after I'd finished, I'd come back to help Krista cross the finish line. (This was hubby's first officially timed race and Krista's first race too!)

The only bummer was the dumb cow mascot halfway through the route that kept walking in front of my path while I was running. He wanted to high five everyone which is annoyingly fine, but dude, get out of my way. Whatever.

Well, I did walk some especially on the second half, but I did mostly run which made me happy. In addition to that, as soon as I crossed the finish line, I ran back around to find CC and Krista. I found CC who was not far behind me and passed him. However, I found Krista and realized I could see CC finish and still support Krista, so I ran back UP the awful hill to watch Hubby finish his race (a special moment for me!). Krista wasn't far behind him, so I raced back to help her finish. All in all, I probably ran an extra half mile or so, which was cool.

We all finished well (under our personal goals) and were able to be a little fan club for David, who came in from his 10k about 10-15 minutes behind us. My goal was to finish under 45:00, since I did that at my last 5k. I finished with a 39:09 time! Hubby's goal was to finish and come in under 50:00- he came in at 43:10! Krista's goal was to finish under an hour, and she came in around 47:00! Yay us!

Yeah, baby! 39:09, my best official 5k time so far!
Tradition for us so far has been to hit up a ChickfilA after a race for breakfast (I can't run with any food on my stomach, so I'm usually starving!). How fun that we were already at a ChickfilA! AND, they had free food for us after! What a cool thing! This was my first race that had real food for the runners afterward and let me tell you, we were super grateful!

Overall, we had a blast and I'm already excited to get going and signed up for our next race! If you're ever able to do a ChickfilA sponsored race, I encourage you to do so. It was well organized and just so much fun!

Big smiles all around!

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