Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Dirty To Clean

Last week Hubby thoughtfully sent me a link to directions on how to really clean your washing machine. After I got his not-so-subtle hint email, I checked it out and actually did it on Friday afternoon. (I don't work on Fridays, so it was the perfect opportunity.)

I've tried the pin on Pinterest multiple times about how to clean your towels and get them all new and fresh-smelling. It worked for me at first, but then after a couple times, my towels still smelled funky. I think it's because I also needed to clean the washer itself. My first load after this was the towel/underwear load, and they came out smelling wonderfully fresh (the towels- I didn't smell the underwear, for the record).

Warning: You are about to see grotesque imagery of our 11-year-old washer. I am attempting to share this to dispel the shame I felt upon cleaning said washer. (Okay, not a lot of shame, but boy, this is a bit embarassing!)

The gist of the directions is that it does take a couple hours in total, but it's very easy to do. I enjoy seeing dirty change to clean so I was the weirdo that had a lot of fun during this transformation.

The before- our laundry 'room' (see all the vinegar there in the corner? I hit up BJ's to be sure I had enough.)

Basically you just need a toothbrush, a microfiber cloth, a clean dry cloth (I used a dishtowel), a bunch of white vinegar, and a bunch of baking soda. And obviously the washer and some water.

I'd just begun and was disgusted at how much debris was on the lid. Just the lid, people! Can you see it clean in the top corner and then all the dirtiness? Eewwww!

First you put the wash cycle on the hottest, highest load you can with a quart of vinegar. After it's filled up, you add a cup of baking soda and let it agitate for a minute. Then you let it sit for an hour while you use the mixture in the tub to scrub all over the machine and get it good and clean (and the water gets N-A-S-T-Y).

Gross! This did not just wipe off, friends. I had to scrub it with the toothbrush and then wipe it off. Surprisingly, you can get all the way back there around the wash tub and clean there too.
I can't even talk about this one. Just wrong.

More wrong.
Just look at that nasty water! Ugh!

Once the first washer cycle is done, run a second (hot, big) cycle with just the same amount of vinegar again. This gets the little bit of dust and debris from the first cycle and sends it on its way.

Then you take 'the vinegar solution' (never could figure that one out so I just did one part vinegar to one part water), and wipe everything inside down again.

Disclaimer: I read the comments on the post trying to figure out the vinegar solution and never found it, but the meanies on there aren't worth your time. Save yourself from reading them.

Dry with the clean cloth and leave the lid up to finalize the drying process. Your house might smell weird, like vinegar, for a while, but trust me, it's totally worth it! Just look at my almost new eleven-year-old washer!

Ta da!

It's beautimous! So worth the little bit of effort I put it into it, and just in time too, because the in-laws arrive in a week! You bet I can't wait to show them my handiwork! I was so impressed I went and pinned it so I never forget the link.

On Thursday, I'll be linking up with Jessica's PinterTest Kitchen! It's not too late to join us- just test out a pin on Pinterest and blog about it. Was it a success or a failure- let us know!


Chris said...

For the record, that was not a hint to get you to clean the washing machine. I think there's more than enough proof in this post to prove that it was something I thought you might have a little interest in :)

Jan said...

What a great idea! So glad it worked and love that you're recommending it! Our washer could certainly use some cleaning too. Can't wait to carve out a couple of hours and get to work. :)

Becky said...

Wow! That's impressive! You are very ambitious!

Jessica Johnson said...

This is my dream come true. I miss cleaning our old one. I almost don't like having a newer one. Well done, friend. Well done.

Unknown said...

Ok, we share a dishwasher but I don't think our neighbors would mind me trying this!!