Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fake Tans & Flip-Flops

I am cold. I have been cold since September. I will be cold until May, at the rate I'm going. Once I get cold, I do not thaw out for months. I've been this way since high school and apparently that's not changing any time soon.

The irony is that I adore Fall and Winter, and the (usually fruitless) promise of snowy weather that that brings. I love bundling up in scarves, gloves, jackets (hoodies!!!!), and coats. I love drinking hot cocoa and eating hot apple pies and mexican chicken soup. It's my most favoritest.

That being said, we keep getting hints of Spring around here and for once, I cannot wait! I love living in flip-flops and this year, I think I'll finally be comfortable enough in my own skin to rock some shorts (I know, I'm a brave woman, living on the edge!). I've even already got a couple sundresses ready to go! I'm really excited that 5k season is back and workouts can happen outside and not inside on the boring treadmill. Woohoo!

This Saturday is our first Saturday in what seems like forever that we have no plans. No plans on a sunny, 73 degree day?! Yes, please!! You better believe I'll be rocking some toenail paint and my fake-tan-that-hopefully-looks-real-and-less-Casper-like skin. Iced mochas to celebrate sunglass season? Sign me up!

What've you got going on this weekend? Will it be warmer where you are? What're you looking forward to this Spring?

A sneaky peek of Spring to come!

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