Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hoppy Hoppers Everywhere!

CC's parental units, aka Mom & Dad, were in town to raise support (They're missionaries.) and see friends. They were here for two weeks- the longest they've ever stayed with us. Then they stayed an extra night to avoid driving through snowy mountains on their way home.

How amazing that the visit passed in a blur and nobody tried to kill anyone else? In fact, we wished for MORE time with them! They're pretty amazing and we both love them dearly.

We played a lot of cards. The girls held on to bragging rights until next time!

So silly. Apparently basketball was on? Something about Madness sounds accurate.

Hubby and I enjoyed our one gorgeous day

Lots of sleepy Schnoodle love

Fancy schmancy dinner at The Pit with these cutie pies

Because of course.

No visit is complete with a Trader Joe's run!

More cards... more Schnoodle love.

Somebody's ready for Vegas!

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Jan said...

I can't believe their visit has ended already. I'm so glad it went so well AND you wanted more. :) Looks like you all had a great time!