Monday, March 11, 2013

Mom & Dad Are Almost Here!

I love my in-laws. Adore them. Always have, always will. After all, you stay eternally loyal to those who loved you through your most dorkiest years, right?

I'm really excited because they arrive tonight and are here for TWO weeks! It's their longest visit staying with us but we're all looking forward to it. They'll be super busy raising support (they're missionaries based in Texas), so we won't see them much at all. Except to have fun together and play Hand & Foot (a card game similar to Canasta). I can't wait!!!

The only slight, teensy weensiest of bummers is that once Hubby and I got well a few weeks ago, we've hit the ground running and haven't stopped yet. Which means that we're tired. Before Mom and Dad even get here. Boo.

So to that end, I'm leaving work early today to get in a little 'me time.' Except it won't be just me having some down time, because I need to get home to finalize those last minute things before guests arrive, AND have to kick booty on the treadmill for a bit. Or better yet, since it's finally approaching 60 degrees outside, I may have to try a run outside in the pretty sunshine!

Either way, it'll be a great time of relaxing before his parents arrive, and that should work out just fine!

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