Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Love For Mr. Rogers

CC posted this video on facebook and twitter this afternoon and I immediately had to watch it.

My love for Mr. Rogers is nothing new- while almost every other kid I knew grew up watching Sesame Street, I was watching Mr. Rogers. I played his records on my Fisher Price beige record player, adored him, and hated the puppets (Am I the only one that found the prince a little freaky to look at?!).

To this day I have a special affection for him and his show, so I thought watching this video would be fun. I love that he was such a genuinely loving and caring guy both on and off screen.

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Jan said...

I honestly didn't know all of this about Mr. Rogers. I always loved his show (I was more into him than Sesame Street too...are you even surprised?). :) Makes me wish I would have wrote him as a kid (since he responded to everyone). And yes...the prince was VERY creepy!!!