Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Amazingness

In a last-minute twist, Hubby and I got yesterday to ourselves- no working, just worship.

We slept in, I got to walk Scout during daylight at 9am not at 6am, we ate breakfast at home in a relaxed manner, attended church at 11 (and got to sit together for the entire service without me running around working!), and had lunch with our friends after the service while not being completely worn out. A huge blessing!

Because I was off work yesterday, the weekend was a little bit sweeter since the entire weekend turned out to be plan-free (and the weather was not too shabby!). We relaxed, we read magazines, we ate at our favorite Mexican place (GONZA!!), and just enjoyed being together. All before Sunday's awesomeness!

I love weekends like that!

This week the weather is depressing and cold and dreary. Which is sad because my fake tan is happening and my cute little sundresses are dying to be worn. Instead, the fun is being had in planning future sunny days off and trips that may or may not be taken. Half the fun to me is the planning!

What's God been blessing you with lately? What's your week shaping up to be?

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LauraC said...

Gonza was awesome!!! We will definitely be going back. A lot. Best mexican food I've had since living in California!