Thursday, April 25, 2013

Birthday Shenanigans, Part One

As you may know, Hubby's birthday was the other day. This past weekend we took a couple days off and had a mini-vacation. Which was awesome. It's been three days back to work and I'm still having CC withdrawals since we were together all weekend. Bliss.

We hung around and just relaxed since we had a wedding to go to Saturday night. A newish coworker of mine married his high school sweetheart, another coworker. I feel like I know them better than I actually do, because their story parallels ours so much. I have to remember not to turn stalkery and back off sometimes. Haha!

The wedding was beautiful and fast, and we hit up Chipotle after for dinner. In the meantime, my friend's cute six-year-old boy wanted to take our picture. Who would say no to that?!
Blurry hotties!
Except for it being uber blurry, I'm pretty sure he got the best picture of us ever. I mean, blurry me looks pretty hot, right? Haha!

Scout was finally able to get a haircut, which she absolutely loves. She seriously hasn't stopped grinning since last Friday when she got her Spa Day.

Fluffy Before Photo

Slimming After Photo (complete with hairbows AND a scarf)
Since we were hoping to leave town Sunday and Monday, Scout went to Grandma's. Who apparently lets her go joy-riding through the Petsmart parking lot on top of the cat.

Sunday morning we played hooky and skipped town to head to Charlotte. Charlotte is pretty cool. I'll blog about that part next, but this is us again and not so blurry. Such happy grins!

Grandma kept sending us photo updates so we'd know she was keeping our little girl alive. I love this shot, especially the angle. Mary (my aunt, aka Grandma) is not a shortie like me so she must've been contorted and bent over to snag this perspective. Very artsy, Mary!

And I have NO IDEA how this photo somehow ended up being the lock screen wallpaper for CC's phone. No clue. Usually he changes his wallpaper when a mysterious photo appears, but this one he's kept around. I wonder why.

Up next: our trip to Charlotte!

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Chris said...

Slimming After Photo == LOL!!

Thanks for the birthday shenanigans. It was such a fun AMAZING time.