Wednesday, April 03, 2013


You know in Nacho Libre where Jack Black's character always says, "Easters!" Yeah, I do that all the time. Drives my own self nuts but it has to happen. So on to Easters! (Warning: Photo dump on its way.)

As promised, the stage for our Good Friday service. So great!
It takes coffee and food for a lot of folks to run this thing! I haven't had Jersey Mike's in ages, but I was mad impressed with their staff and their food. I'll be ordering from them a lot more in the future. AND... They share the building with Starbucks, so it's a win-win!

During the Good Friday service from my vantage point at the tech booth...

Easter Sunday! 'Come for a donut, stay for Jesus!'

Sweet Janae rockin' percussion!
After church Sunday, we went to Baileywick park where we'd rented a picnic shelter for lunch. This was the brilliant idea last year: rent a picnic shelter and not try to cram 40 people into our apartment. This was our second year doing it this way, and it works beautifully.

Birthday girl!

Her cuteness slays me.

This is actually normal for them. I swear they're related.
And the best part after a fun, busy day... ahhhh!!!!

I love you, couch.

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